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Moral characters of actions determining ethical character actions have seen the thoughts pointing to the results as well as to particular actions. In between the characters, wide array of factors regarding human actions results in certain moral consequences. The factors outlook the conflicts theoretically, but in practice compliments one another. In identifying and hence resolving these ethical dilemmas, neither of the factors should be ignored since each act of the factors is like a measure of the limitation to the other. The dilemmas show deeper parts of ethic bringing up questions of moral beliefs and its theories. 

Decisions the individuals make are honorable concerning various relationships. Some ethical parts treat virtue, character development helping in decision making on how people should be. It is due to the difference in personal and social ethics such that we find good people among undesired situations and vice versa (McCann, Roels and Stackhouse 78).

There are several ways of decision-making based on ethical actions. Moral recognition is a kind of ethical decision-making. A moral problem cannot be solved before its existence is known. Teshan was technically ineligible to join the honors algebra class since he was a weak student. The principle recognized that admitting weak students will have effects on the entire class. Recognizing the problem requires considerations of the possible effects of the actions (Rest 59). One should be more sensitive to the negative effects in order to enable a prediction of the possible outcome for the actions. However, a number of factors may hinder recognizing the moral issues. For example, one may be reluctant to use the moral terminologies for the decisions made to avoid any likely controversies.

Ethical sensitivity can be increased by making the situation more salient. The principle illustrated what effects of enrolling Teshan would have on the other students considering that he was a weak student. One needs to pay attention to the emotions, as the feelings can be triggered even if we do not have an evolvement on the events. Teshan and his parents are adamant and insist on being allowed even though they know that it is against the moral norms of Roosevelt High school. The parents allowed their emotions to take actions that may affect a number of students (Cohen 69).

Making judgment on the identified ethical problem normally suggests that the actions should be taken on the issue. People do not only engage in reasoning, but they also are a bit self-centered (Kohlberg 485). Teshan parents had to make a case for him convincing the principle to offer him a chance. Their explanations and reasoning prompted the principle of Roosevelt to offer him a chance out of sympathy and convinced that he would do better. The principle was concerned with the needs and operated accordingly internalizing equality and human dignity by offering Teshan a chance that he would not offer to a white students who fails to meet the entry requirements. The judgments sometimes go against moral obligations as the shared ideas do not necessary need to favor certain individuals over the others. The reasoning should not be limited to one ethical approach (Kohlberg 84). Ms Teal limits her decision as a way of sympathy going against the school norms by admitting a weak student.

Ethical behavior depends on moral recognition and the moral judgment. The sensitivity to the ethical issues can be improved by using terminology intensifying the moral issues and by being sensitive to the emotions. The moral judgment can be improved by a creation of an ethical scenario providing an ethical guideline. The judgment should focus more on ethics and must consider the needs of the people likely to get affected. The decisions should base on the moral guides and principles.

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