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7th Standard of the Michigan Department of Education’s is about the development of personal/professional productivity and learning enhancement through the effective usage of the age of informational learning and technological operations and concepts. In the surround learning environment all necessary concepts are implemented. Everyone has an ability to use technologies that enhance learning process. These technologies are used in order to rise in planning and time management, all these technologies can be used in the communication process with peers, friends, parents and student community that nurture learning process.

 The lesson that has topic that connects to the “Do Spiders Live on the World Wide Web?â€. This is an interesting one and it has fully implied the 7th Standard. It has everything that enhances learning process and rise productivity of class lessons. It contains not only the information that people have to learn during the class, but includes jokes, that are demonstrated in the screen. This technology makes students think how much technological sphere connected to the natural one. This method and strategy usage maximises the student learning results and enhance them to learn more.

The NETS-T (National Educational Technology Standards for teachers) were created by the International Society for Technology in Education in order to increase effectiveness and productivity of student’s learning process in the modern digital society. These technologies have really good strategies, tools and methods that would help teachers to create learning environment that would motivate students to learn better. They enhance students to show their creativity, to collaborate with others and to work in team. Teachers engage students to communicate with the modern digitals in order to increase knowledge sharing, to motivate leadership creation. It is useful method for teachers in increasing productivity of learning.

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