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Bullying is a negative act and creates a lot of problems to our society for nothing good is got out of bullying thus, it’s a form of abuse that entails repeated actions time to time through true or perceived disparity of power either social or physical by those in powerful positions or levels ,to the less powerful individual or a group of the less fortunate. In fact, bullying is one of the serious acts which ruin people’s lives and cause mental ailments when teased often with majority of victims being killed or fatally injured if bullying gets extreme. Bulling usually comes as a result of intimidation to the weak and may include examples like school bulling, blustery, cyber bulling, tending to browbeat others, noisily domineering among many more forms of bulling. Regardless to the bullying type, be it emotional, physical or verbal bulling is usually classified as a key element that leads to ones low self-esteem.

Bulling fills one with depression and suicidal thoughts to an extend of taking their lives thus it may not be easy to identify someone who is suicidal but below are some signs to make one know; seems to be sad most of the time, Expression of hopelessness, too much or too little sleep, family and friends withdrawal, making statements like; I hate this life, life is stupid and no point to live it, Nothing seems to matters anymore, I want to die, writing about suicide or death all the time, acting compulsively, writing a will, a feel of excessive guilt or shame, irrational acts, reckless behavior, complains on headaches, personal appearance change, alcohol and drugs abuse.

Bulling usually results to a feeling of depression and low esteem thus increased number of suicides with a few being due to solidarity reasons. Due to the so referred copycat suicides recently, death and more so to the teens has since raised questions especially when it comes to the high school bulling. Reports indicate that after the demise of Tyler Clementi who killed himself after his roommate spied him through a webcam during an intimate session with a man, six young people who belonged to the gay or where thought to be committed suicides. Another teenager in Pennsylvania committed suicide by saying that he wanted to bring attention to bulling through the note that he left behind after the painful act. A study conducted in Linkoping University to determine why bulling is rampant especially in institutions of learning found out that out of 176 students interviewed, 69% of the interviewed aging 15-16 where found to be involved in the high school bulling. The students claimed that the bullies torment people to boost their popularity, status or power with 42% of the students blaming the victims of bulling and 21% blaming the school environment, human nature and the society. Another study at the Josephson Institute of Ethics, surveying over 40,000 students who belonged to different high schools, indicated that at least half of them, were at some point in school someone was being bullied, while half at one point, bullied themselves.

Carl Joseph at 11 shocked the activist movement that fights the raising school violence by hanging himself after going through bullying and a number of harassments at school. Although Carl was no gay as suspected of being, he ended up taking his life according to the report by GLSEN. Due to age old vice of bulling, another teen and an Irish immigrant girl, Phoebe Prince at 15, had to hang herself. This came as a result of harassments and physical threats with abuse in her new school and indeed it was a worldwide shock and anguish. Prince’s sad ordeal was blamed to the mean girls who harassed her for dating an older boy with no action being taken by the school administration in response to the serious allegation.

According to GLSEN, Eric Mohat, 17, took his life after bullies urged him do so this was as a result of the administrators failure to protect Mohat and implement the anti bullying programs in the school. In this respect , 86% of LGBT youth were verbally harassed at school because of their sexual orientation, with around 44% being physically harassed and at least a quarter that is 22% being physically assaulted. If something is not done to put bullying to an end, then all this victims have died in vain. Nobody then deserves to be dead because of claims that they are gay, weak or different. Bullying is generally a widespread problem, according to GLSEN with 37% of high school students saying that bullying, or harassment is very serious mayhem at school and this is according to From Teasing to Torment. With bullying being rampant in the middle school, 65% of students are reported to be assaulted and harassed while only 41% said they are safe at school.

At 15 years, Jeremiah Lassiter a freshman shot himself at the head when in the school bathroom due to being constantly bullied. Bullycide happens to be a very common thing with the bully victims being 2 to 9 times more likely to be reported with suicidal thoughts. Bulling suicide is said to be the 3rd leading cause of death in America.Bullying must stop, it seems to destroy lives of many innocent people, and perhaps not killing them, but also ruining them. Majority of those assorted may end up being physically distorted, paralyzed and even dead .Despite it being a serious act that ends in tragedy, apart from the physical harm it leads to, the mental harm is equally destructive due to the depression that it leaves to the abused thus bullying must be stopped and prevented from happening before more precious lives are taken or put to a bad state. These peer pressure incidents cause a great harm and suffering since it is just one among the bullying forms. Dysfunctional families, being moody especially bad moods, failure of being told rights and wrongs are also causes for bullying. As bullying goes on, many people find themselves losing their morale, self confidence and determination thus they result in despair and may get themselves in to bullying others then creating more problems.

In conclusion ways of putting a stop to bullying should be taken in to consideration and put in place for its results are negative and very serious. In reality, majority of the bullied end up with seriously physical injuries as well as others remain in suffering states and life changes to take a turn with far reaching extremes which if not killing then leaves a lasting scar which cannot be erased from the mind of the victims and their families, thus bullying should be stopped and or prevented before more lives are ruined and end recklessly.

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