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Terrorism as a tactic has been on the spot light for quite some time now especially in the U.S. Terrorism targets the mental, as well as the substantial wellbeing of the inhabitants. The fear that is brought about by the erratic attacks is a major goal of terrorism. The threats are too diverse; in fact the civic society is yet to internalize this issue. According to the Homeland Security Advisory Council (2007), the future of terrorism depends on the use and availability of technology and the mobility of the general public. The major terrorist indulgence presently crops from a worldwide movement, brought about by a jihadist ideology. Apart from this, the internet has also contributed to the spread of terrorist activities and more so the spread of jihadist ideology. This is as a result of alienating Muslim societies in the western world.

The DHS as a department recommended how to better engage and prepare the American public for present and future challenges. At the look of things, some recommendations appear weighty than others. These include the department renewal emphasis on recruiting professionals of all types with diverse perspectives, global views, language and cultural backgrounds (Homeland Security Advisory Council, 2007). By so doing the huge cultural difference between Muslim communities and the west will be highly reduced. For this to be achieved, the intelligence community must have diverse point of view to approach the whole issue.

So to speak, the department must put more effort in recruiting people with different kinds of backgrounds, language and distinctive perspectives which can deal with the challenges faced by the state. Actually diversity of culture in departments will create a stronger relationship between the western and Muslim communities. The US counter-terrorism community must as well embrace this for effectiveness.

Secondly, the department should work with subject matter experts to ensure that the lexicon use in public statements is clear, precise and does not play into the hands of the terrorist. This is to say that, care must be taken on the use of language both within government and the media. At this juncture, it should be understood that whoever controls the battle of words influences the battle results. For this reason, this department should work in conjunction with other government entities to ensure there is no use of complex language and prevent negative media perception.

Thirdly, broader ways of dialogue with the Muslim community should be indentified and pursued by the department to cultivate mutual respect, understanding and more so trust (Homeland Security Advisory Council, 2007). The department must be in a position to invent new ways that will give the Muslims room to bridge the gap between the two cultures (Feuerstein, 2006) Bottom of Form.

This should be done with one goal in mind and that is to change hearts and minds of the people in order to support self-control. This can only be achieved by having a dialogue between the western and Muslim communities. At this point, ideas must challenge ideas and its aim should be gaining the trust of each other.

Local communities should also take the lead on developing and implementing Muslim outreach programmes (Homeland Security Advisory Council, 2007). It is true that the western government is currently developing and executing Muslim outreach programmes, which began after several terrorist attacks. They were meant to prevent frustrated Muslims who might be tempted to use their religion to justify violence. Some of this programmes include, Afghan American Muslim outreach (AAMO) which is committed to serve the Afghan communities through activism and promotion initiatives as well as respect amongst all. Another Muslim outreach program is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (N.A.S.A) whose mission was shifted from space exploration to Muslim discretion. All this Muslim programmes, are meant to create a peaceful coexistence between the Muslim and western communities and to reduce terrorism.

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