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Scholars define time pressure as the phenomenon that subjects consumers to considerable pressure to acquire a given commodity or service within limited time. This time pressure comes to the occasion by a number of varying factors. One of the factors leading to consumer time pressure is seasonality of a given commodity. When a commodity that appears seasonal gets into market, consumers are usually under pressure to acquire that commodity before its season runs out. In some countries where regulatory commissions control the price of commodities, consumers tend to be put under pressure to acquire some goods in case they suspect an increase in prices. Other reasons occasioning consumer time pressure are artificial shortage of commodities by business vendors. Business firms impose time pressure on consumers when they deliver their products into the market on a promotional basis. The promotions only run while stocks last (Carmon).

Consumer time pressure has both positive and negative effects. The advantage is that time pressure helps consumers obtain commodities and services at a cheaper cost. Promotions run by different companies usually contain discount attached to them. As a result, consumers procure such commodities at discounted costs. In the long run, time pressure helps consumers increase their ability to save and thus their potential to invest. Another advantage that consumer time pressure contains is the ability of the consumer to acquire quality products. Companies carrying out market tests on their new products bring to the market quality products with the aim of wooing consumers. As a result, a consumer that buys these products ends up acquiring high quality products that offer value for their money.

Conversely, time pressure has negative impacts on the consumer. Consumers under pressure fall into impulse buying as they compete against time. In case a commodity is seasonal, it implies that the moment it is surfaced to the market, everyone wants to purchase it. This is regardless as to whether they planned to buy it. Impulse buying leads to devastating financial consequences and could drive one into bankruptcy if persisted. Time pressure also reduces the consumer’s freedom of choice. If a consumer is under time pressure, his choices become limited as he wants to acquire a product. For the case of seasonal products, for example, the consumer has no choice but to buy these products. Limited freedom of choice leads to the purchase of commodities at inflated prices. This could also present poor quality products to consumers just because they rush against time (Hawkins 132).

Apple Inc, a multinational corporation that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, personal computers and mobile phones can apply the concept of consumer time pressure to its benefit. Coupled with the concept of timed advertisement or advertiming, Apple Inc stands a better chance in affirming its presence to the market. Introduction of promotional products like iPods, iPads, and iPhones by Apple during Christmas and New Year festive seasons stands to benefit it a lot. Consumers are under pressure to buy during this season than other times of the year. Taking advantage of sporting activities like the Olympic Games, UEFA Champions League Games, and International Trade Fairs to advertise its products is a brilliant move that promises better results for Apple. In addition to this, Apple stands a better chance of establishing itself to the market if it opened more branches to the rest of the world and ran discounted charges for limited periods.

In conclusion, time pressure plays a crucial role in dictating consumer behaviour in the market. Timed advertisement, also called advertiming, exerts more pressure to the concept of time pressure. As seen, time pressure contains both positive and negative impacts on consumers. Companies can also use this concept to their advantage and help them penetrate deep into the market.

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