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What is race? In scientific world there are lots of views about this term, some of them are used in biological meaning and some of them in sociological one. Therefore, the term “race” can be related to the system of populations of living things, which are characterized by complex similarity certain hereditary biological traits of the external phenotype and formed in a specific geographic region. Features which characterize the different races often appear as a result of adaptation to different environmental conditions and form over many generations. Another point of view is that “some people use the “race” they attach a biological meaning, still others use “race” as a socially constructed concept; it is clear that even though race does not have a biological meaning, it does have a social meaning which has been legally constructed”. However, the term “ethnicity” refers to ethnic community property, which distinguishes itself from other communities.

Considering, the term “race” is appropriate to use to denote the historical and some physical characteristics which any separate race has. For instance, in Mongolian district of China, people differ from the people of other regions in China by facial and color characteristics. On the other hand, the term “ethnicity” can be attributed to a race of group and cultural features. People from India have very similar “birth” features, in other words, they are of one race but all of them have lots of differences in their cultures and religions. Religion, gender and language differences can be referred to the ethnicity features.

The difference between terms “race” and “ethnicity” is that the first refers to the nature or birth, and another – to nurture and culture.

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