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All the People have been using multiple intelligences in their life. People have many different kinds of intelligences such as lerning ability, contemplative faculties, hands-on ability. First of all, generally people thought intelligences is lerning ability, but lerning ability just is a kind.of intelligences. Lerning ability can separate to two parts. One is high memory ability, another one is high comprehensive ability. If a student is good on reciting is a high memory ability representation; on the other hand, if a student is good on math is a high comprehensive ability representation.  Second, contemplative faculties is very important part of Intelligence in society. It can imporve development of the society. For example, a person has a good lerning ability, but he don’t has a contemplative faculties, he will do the same thing very well with the old rules over and over again. He never can creat and develop a new thing or a new idea, so the society never imporve. Last, hands-on ability is the most interesting intelligences in people’s life because this is a innate Intelligence. Sometimes some high educated people, they don’t know how to swimming, cooking or driving, although they own high lerning ability and contemplative faculties. Many examples show that intelligences is very multiple and every kind of intelligences has its character and function.

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