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Feministic Magazine is a weekly online publication for the southern California radio show. The homepage indicates its feministic nature by displaying pictures of women from different ethnic backgrounds at the top of the page. The pink color that dominates the page makes the page warm and welcoming for the target female audience.

The purpose of the magazine is to enlighten its female audience on how they can play key roles in issues occurring in the society.  It gives a feministic perspective on such issues. The headlines include news, politics, culture, and individual views. The interest of the magazine is focused on contributions made by women in society. It encourages them to go an extra mile and pursue careers that will uplift the in the society.

A few advertisements are posted on the website. The advertisements are centered on other feministic articles like blogs and facebook group. There is also an action alert page that notifies members on current activities. Basing on the topics the audience for the publication includes all women around the world. It is not directed to any political or ethic group and can be accessed with readers from varied social class.

The publication offers feministic perspective, which is rarely found in mainstream publications, radio stations, and national TV networks. This is because it centers only on women issues and how they are pivotal in the society. It is an excellent magazine that can help with the problems of gender disparity.

Indian Country

 This magazine has both print and online publications. The cover page is adorned with many features with compelling visuals. The reader can maneuver easily to get the required items.

The magazine openly states its purpose, which is to sever Native and American Indians. The content of the online publication includes politics, environment, arts, genealogy, Native and American Indian opinions, and more. Therefore, the interest of the magazine is to provide comprehensive and innovative Native news and entertainment.

There are advertisements on the website. The advertisements feature dating sites, subscriptions to the print publication of Indian Country, and music adverts. They focus on the Native and American Indians. There is a page on the website that provides adverts for jobs and classifieds. The adverts have a link that provides more information on the product.

The audiences of the magazine are the Native and American Indians. The publication is thus directed to the ethnic group. The columnists, writers, and reporters are composed of members of Congress, tribal leaders, Native thinkers, and artists in Indian Country. The publication does not discriminate on level of education, income, or social class of its readers.

The publication offers perspectives found in mainstream publications with an exception of focusing is on an ethnic group. The magazine celebrates the culture of the American Indians and plays a role in ensuring it does not become extinct.

New America Media

The magazine is an online publication and was visited on 16th November, 2012. The home page is informative and gives the reader a wide range of news and views to choose from. The page is welcoming to all readers as its presentation offers a wide range of information.

The purpose of the magazine is to bring the voice of the marginalized into the national discourse. This ensures that the New America society is better informed, connected and able to influence policy makers. The headlines focus on issues that help the minority be aware of their individual rights as citizens. The interest of the magazine is to ensure human rights are upheld.

 The advertisements on the website feature ethnic materials focusing on issues affecting the marginalized. A typical advertisement consists of basic information necessary to attract a reader. A link then directs the reader to get the full information. 

The audience includes ethnic minorities, immigrants, young people and the elderly. The website allows readers to browse by ethnicity. It does not discriminate on the reader’s level of education, social class, or income.

The publication does not offer perspectives different from the mainstream publications. This is because it serves to enlighten the marginalized on their rights. The magazine is essential to the lives of the ethnic groups in America.

Public Citizen

This is an online publication. The website home page has little information, but highly informative. The website appears easy to use and is interactive.

The purpose of the magazine is to serve people in the nation’s capital ensuring that all citizens get representation in the halls of power. The headlines feature issues that ensure democracy prevails among capital’s citizens. These are guided by policy groups within the organization.

There are minimal advertisements on the website. Those featured focus on blogs that further inform the readers on their democratic rights.

The audiences of the magazine are all citizens of the nation’s capital. The chosen topics and the language used favour all individuals regardless of education, social class, or income.

The publication offers perspectives that are identical to mainstream publications with particular focus on democracy. This includes issues like health care reforms, global economic crisis, and more. The publication ensures government officials undertake their duties diligently.

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