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Computer forensic is the investigation of the computers to carry out different required tasks. It is a wider concept related to the crimes happening in computer which is against the law. This technology enables the experts to have better access to accumulated information, to be more accurate in the identification of victims and it minimizes the wrongful accusations (Judd R. 2004). The main purpose of using computer forensics in crime investigation is to ensure that the recovered information or data is valid and to ensure that no data is altered so that the original data can be used in the courts of law as evidences. It allows the forensic practitioners in the identification and analyzing of traces in a more objective manner. This method also efficiently searches a very large volume of data, assists in the interpretation of the results and contributes to generation of new knowledge and skills (Franke K.2007).

The different forensic tools include PC Inspector File Recovery which is used to reveal information from computer storage media, Encase® used in disk imaging and analysis of data, the Forensic Tool Kit developed by AccessData which enables the Computer Forensic Specialists to view all the files that are stored in the computer system and FTK Imager which is used in imaging and viewing the storage devices.

The computer forensic personnel consist of the professionals who have the relevant certifications based on forensic curricula and competency examinations and who are able to use the modern investigative techniques.

These computer forensic specialists investigate crimes which are committed using computers such as wire fraud, identity theft, child pornography homicide and others. They provide assistance to the law enforcement officers in the preparations of search warrants which lead to the seizing of computers. They also assist in collecting and processing evidence at the scenes of crime (Gallegos F. 2005).


Computer forensics becoming an important field and it requires one to possess well developed technical skills and legal knowledge. Very powerful software tools are used in this field.

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