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Inspire evangelists is a practice that is common among non-profit organizations. The concept is closely related to that of the sharing of leadership as is practiced among the nonprofit organizations. It is based on the understanding that any organization needs people who have internalized their goals, mission and vision to play the role of evangelists by spreading the same message. Such people are normally inspired by creation of a meaningful experiences as well as fostering of emotional attachments that are strong enough to win their commitments as volunteers and supporters. With the understanding of the importance of this kind of sticky experienced non-profit organizations they have rushed never to be left out in the practice.

A question may be asked as to why the non-profit organizations do achieve their goals within a short period of time. The answer to such kind of questions squarely lies with the ability to take advantages of their inspiring evangelists. This group of people normally enables the neighborhood-based non for profit organization to engage the community in their issues on a personal and deeper level than could be possible with such organization’s operation on a national or global scales.

This concept is much applicable to the charitable organization where volunteers are trained on different ways to reach out to the community. A good number of organizations have thus excelled based on the ability of their volunteers to bring their households along with them. In certain cases, the inspired evangelists have even gone to the extent of having programs where they target specific age groups within the communities in which they operate. This can be informed of helping the elderly read and understand the goal of the organization, mobilizing friends as well as those whom they meet online to take such activities like building of houses to the needy within the society in case of a charitable organization. The practice eventually leads into the establishment of a local network which enables the community to identify the required services which are of course in line with the goals of the organization they are acting on their behalf.

A Case Study

The process of inspiring those an organization wants to act as its local evangelists normally begins with communication of the organizational impacts, values and missions in a persuasive storytelling form. This allows organizations to establish strong emotional bonds with their targeted supports. This has worked well with organizations such as Partnership to End Poverty and a non-profit organization operating in rural Oregon with the major goal of elimination of poverty through promotion of economic development among the community members.

The organization’s CEO having grown weary of his usual way of power point presentation decided to take a different course, the one which would enable him to win the emotional support of his targeted group/audience. In an attempt of utilizing this force for good, he surrendered his message to be delivered by two members of his targeted community. He managed to capture the attention and emotions of the community by having the kind of poverty they had lived in. One of his presenters had to attend 22 different schools which saw him being put in a special education while the other, a female banker, had to go through early retirement and could not provide food for herself and her child who was lactose intolerant (Crutchfield & McLeod, 2012).

By making use of these two presenters, the CEO was able to capture the attention of the targeted population regarding how relevant his organization’s goal was for the society. He then moved to the next step of creation of such experiences which would be effective in cementing the commitments of the supporters of the course taken by his organization. In their case, Partnership to End Poverty and Project Connect act as a vehicle. That is a kind of social service delivery system that is driven on a voluntary basis. The system is supported by 800 volunteers who help the organization in carrying out its various activities. Before this had been done, the organization undertook its volunteers to the ground to enable them have firsthand experience with poverty. The organization then equipped them with the necessary resources needed to begin running relevant programs all which were designed to enable the volunteers to continue spreading the message of the subject poverty. This way, the group has been able to provide a wealth of relevant knowledge to the organization inform of feedbacks from the field. The volunteers have also been very useful in inspiring others to become local evangelists for the same course. Evangelists are thus real boosts on the ground for local non-profit organizations.

Application of “Inspire Evangelists” to my Own Enterprise

An enterprise may mean different things to different people depending on the context. This study will use SRA which is a non for profit organization in the UK working closely with restaurants, hotels, pubs as well as caterers on contract in the attempt of reducing the amount of food that goes to waste. I am interested in this project since it is one way through which the community can help elevate poverty in the society through ensuring that people utilize just what they need. With researches indicating a strong correlation between food waste and malnutrition, both at the family as well as the national level, the need to empower the stakeholders on how food waste occurs, the dangers of this vice, as well as the various available measures that can be put in place to reduce it.

In order to be able to inspire my evangelists, I will first of all seek a rapport of all the identified stakeholders through holding a seminar and letting them freely talk out their experiences concerning the problem at hand. This will be done in terms of storytelling to enable me win emotional support of my targets. The seminar will enable me to capture the attention of the stakeholders in regard to my goal. I will then take a number of identified inspired groups of evangelists to have a firsthand experience of the effect food waste on the common citizens in the ground. This will enable me win their commitments and use them to carry out the activities of the enterprise on our behalf.

With this approach, SRA can seek to provide a neighborhood based non-profit organization thus presenting a good opportunity for the stakeholders to individually and deeply be involved in an issue that directly impacts on their lives. Such pertinent issues may not have been tackled properly by the national or even regional based organizations. Having a smaller scope will also enable the stakeholders to identify with the goals of the enterprise. The project will seek to reach the population through the inspired evangelists with the message “too good to waste, make it okay to ask”. The enterprise will seek to solicit for funds to enable it facilitate its “˜volunteers led tours’ which will basically aim at equipping its stakeholders with the knowledge on the various measures that can be put in place to reduce food wastage and the dangers that come with food going to waste while others are malnourished. This way my enterprise will effectively achieve its goal with lesser expenses.


In conclusion, the positive impacts of this project will be sustainable since the six forces of good enabled me to reach the community through their very own; the inspired volunteer evangelists who will be equipped with the necessary information will continue spreading the enterprise’s mission. The community will thus be freed of such problems as increased child and martanal mortality rates and strain on their social services which are normally associated with high populations. The practice of the forces for good can thus not be avoided by any serious non-profit organization.

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