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The movie Helvetica is a graphic design movie that is displays typography images of the best world-known brand names and other common street typographies that extensively use the font Helvetica. International trade labels and brand names such as Coke, Be Part of FIFA World Cup in Berlin, Started in die Nacht, Ausfahrt, Berlin, and Panasonic are best expressed through the font of Helvetica (Helvetica 1). The movie Helvetica is a font documentary that is part and parcel of human life. Designers and corporate logos make use of Helvetica through different ways in order to communicate their intended messages without the slightest idea that Helvetica is the communication code channeling their crucial message across the public mass media.

Coke is an international brand name whose movement of the written word is well known but few people know that the artistic design behind the Coke brand name is Helvetica. Equally, In Europe, as it is in America, Swiss and German cities like Berlin and Zurich are best identify in the design cloth of font Helvetica (Heller 1). Therefore, the typography within the movie is exemplary in detailing the major global modernization brands that continually adore and use the Helvetica font that has shaped the economic and artistic designs of logos, street signs, and place names thus shaping the modern history of the world in a typographical manner.

Helvetica typography has made words visible in the world of today across the global world, in airports, shops, and institutions; Helvetica is visible in everyday life and instruction written in products as instruction and identifies services providers. However, one of the interviewees David Carson disputes the Helvetica documentary terming it as an exaggerated piece of typography designs by insists that words not necessarily communicate a thing, “Don’t confuse legibility with communication. Just because something is legible doesn’t mean it communicates and, more importantly, doesn’t mean it communicates the right thing” (Helvetica 1).

Nevertheless, even if eligible and illegible signs are written, the fact remains that typographical, the font Helvetica is predominant in all aspects of global life today. Therefore, the visual culture within the Helvetica font is successful in explaining the modern history that is everywhere in the print and visual industry such as advertisements, direction, nouns, and other typographical artistic designs like logos that use Helvetica.     

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