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This essay is about Zora Hurston “how it feels to be colored me”. Zora is a person full of pride in her individual character through exact articulation, her carefulness in what she does and compact syntax.  In what she does this eassy is going to talk about her uniqueness in wherever she does. Zora Hurston is the only Negro in the United States whose grandfather on the mother side was not an Indian chief. This is going to be about how Hurston how she feels to be colored about her personality and character.

Hurston brings out her individuality in the sentence in the first paragraph. With the use of the word only, shows that Hurston is unique from all the other blacks in the United States of America, implying that she is different from the rest because of the Indian blood. This opening sentence shows that Hurston embraces boosts about her individuality and uniqueness in the entire piece. “I am the only Negro in the United States whose grandfather on the mother’s side was not an Indian chief.  (Nina, Jerome, Arnold, Mary, & Patricia, 2007 1710)”

The tone she uses in her essay, in her first paragraph, shows Hurston’s attitude towards herself is positive. This detail about her heritage shows that although Hurston may be unique from the rest she does not take it as her disadvantage. Hurston also brings her character of individual in paragraph three; here she says “I was the first welcome to our state Floridian, and I hope the Miami Chamber of Commerce will; please take notice, (Nina, Jerome, Arnold, Mary, & Patricia, 2007 1711)” here it show how she greets arriving tourists visiting the town. Also, Hurston is distinguishing herself from others in a positive way. Zora says she was the first person, to welcome tourist to her town of Floridian. There is pride in Zora being the first to welcome tourist. So was Hurston being the first person to welcome tourist to her town. By saying, she was the first person, to welcome tourist Zora hopes that the Chamber of Commerce in Miami will recognize her efforts of what she has done. This is trying to seek attention indicating that she is proud of her achievements and, she demands to be acknowledged.

Hurston’s shows her yearn for the attention is her statement “I have no race I am me (Nina, Jerome, Arnold, Mary, & Patricia, 2007 1712)” in paragraph thirteen. This sentence utilizes solid syntax and strong articulation to show Hurston’s pride in her individuality. Hurston wants to be herself; she does not want to be conventional to a race and to a color. Without conjunction in this sentence, it makes the sentence bring out clearly Hurston personality. The word used “I am me” expressly bears Hurston’s meaning of how Zora   feel to be colored. She has no shame in asserting her position in society since being unique does not scare her.; she is unique and she knows it. Hurston has no desire to link or relate with a race because she does not wants to change attention from herself. In this case, she looks just the opposite and hopes to get attention as possible.

This Zora Hurston’s essay on “How it feels to be Colored Me” show that she is an individual who wants to be recognized in what she does.  Hurston is proud of herself in whatever she does. Hurston is full of confident and wants not to associate with the Negro or a person with a race.

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