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The analysis of the film flatliners is focused in the efforts of medical students to discover what lies beyond death Leonore, (1990, p.26). Nelson (Kiefer Sutherland) convinces four of his medical classmate to flatline in order to understand and experience after death hallucination and related effects Leonore (1990, p.34). The exercise is undertaken in bits starting with Nelson who flatlines for one minute and his classmate resuscitate him. Rachael is manifested as the second to flatline. Lack of information and the fact that Rachael did not understand the experiences of his colleagues in death world made her to be in his “death “bed. Power supply interference and inability of men to shock her with defibrillator paddles led her to a situation of death. However she survives the terror due to her classmate’s efforts to resuscitate her Leonore, (1990, p.40)

Rachael later alone confronts her father who was a nicotine addict. She wanted to understand what actually happened in her childhood. This was because of sudden trauma she experienced in her early childhood Leonore, (1990, p.58). Out of these confrontations her father committed suicide and Rachael was to blame for what befall her father. There are various ethical issues on use of propranollol to change the traumatic situation of Rachael. Her mother would strongly disagree with the idea Leonore, (1990, p.77). Despite the fact the drug could change the situation, the consequence of its use are diverse. The potential side effects of the drug are eminent. The drug has manifested side effects such as hypertension, migraines and angina pectoris Leonore (1990, p.90).

Therefore, Rachaels mother could not take the risk of allowing the medical doctor to administer propranollol.This is because the drug has more of side effect which can completely jeopardize the health of Rachael.

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