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Almost everybody will always try keeping a tread with the newest style in town and this brings about the need of enlightenment on the various up comings of life through lifestyle magazines. These are articles brought together to compose magazines showcasing the different ways to a comfortable and a better life. They are of different categories regarding the subject of the articles; they include women’s, men, and health magazines. Others fields of life are well represented in the lifestyle magazines arena e.g. culture, leisure, fashion and tourism magazines. Gender identities are what people see themselves as either male or female or neither. Biological features are the key aspect that identifies a person’s gender e.g. the genitals can easily differentiate between a man and a woman. The lifestyle magazine are there to reach a certain gender of people and must be intertwined with the minds and behaviors, activities and the general  life of the targeted group.    

Magazines are always designed to capture a targeted gender with their first impression and giving them the urge to read more of the contents included in its articles. For instance, men’s magazines will always be characterized by a front page with this strong masculine man; definitely this lures most men to purchasing the magazine to be able to acquire ideas to construct a manly life in this modern world (Gauntlet, 2002). According to White and Gillet (1994) young male readers are much influenced by the editorial comments about a magazine and need to know more about body-building culture which is mostly in the men’s health magazines.

It’s also clearly evident that much of the hobby, sports magazines targets the male gender although this tread might be dwindling with the men becoming more diverse and opening up to accommodate the changing world (Jackson, Stevenson and Brooks,2001).The linkage between these magazines and gender identity is further demonstrated in the language used, Willemson(1998) found out that complex sentences with tough words and expressions are used in the men’s magazines compared to moderate ones used in female magazines.

Female magazines are more of the colorful nature having these gorgeous pictures of women on the front pages. Most of these will include guide lines to becoming the imaginary perfect lady which is every girls dream. The editors are well aware of the captivating things that will keep the women fixed on the pages of a magazine which will include models, handsome men (Beam, 1996). The large section of the magazines is the drawer part with these newest shoes and clothes in town which completely display a woman gender and their urge for the fancy looks. The articles are also friendlier than the male magazine’s ones, having bright colors to have this feminine felling and impression on the reader. This is mostly attributed to the soft nature of females.  

However, the gender difference in magazines, there are some that are unisex having the both sides well balanced. Some magazines have no main area of showcasing but consist of many parts  inclusive of health for both for women and men, beauty in general  and mostly the  last part being sports and hobby hub.

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