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The story is about Maya and her husband Aviad. They are a couple in deep love but have been traumatized by an unexpected miscarriage. The couple is confused and does not have an idea of dealing with the miscarriage. Aviad was stressed and would only bury himself in work while Maya was encouraged to join a creative writing class in order to alleviate stress and overcome the nasty feelings. On joining the creative class, Maya wrote a number of stories. Her first story was about a world in which people split themselves instead of giving birth. The heroine in her story was the eighty-year-old individual who was split less. Her husband does not understand the first story and does not establish its nexus with the miscarriage.

Maya’s second story is about the world in which you could only see the people you love. In the story, a man is skeptical about his wife’s love to him. He is convinced that her wife’s love to him is gradually ebbing because the wife is stepping on him. In addition, she sits on him, and the gives many minor reasons for her actions. Keret (2012) reports that the man decides to play a trick on his wife by shaving a half moustache and see if she would realize. Aviad does not get the message Maya intents to pass across using the story. She was impliedly telling him that he is not in love with him again.

Aviad does not understand the stories written by his wife Maya. In fact he is extremely irritated with at his failure to interpret the message in the stories. In addition, he gets envious at Maya’s progress and the continuous praises emanating from her professors. He decides to secretly borrow a book from his professor from , which he gets interpretations relating to other various stories. He enrolls for secret writing classes in order to compete his wife and understand her work. Aviad’s writings were a aimed at satisfying his envious feelings against his wife.

The third story is about a woman who gives birth to a cat, and her husband is hesitant to accept the delivery. The husband suspects that he is not the father to child because he could not give birth to cats. The kitten attacks him, and he is critically injured. He goes to hospital for a rabies shot accompanied with his wife and the kitten. Ultimately, Maya realizes that she is pregnant again. Is this a miracle?

Maya and Aviad are the main characters in the story. They are deeply in love but are currently undergoing a trauma caused by an unexpected miscarriage. Maya is encouraged to join a creative writing workshop in order to alleviate stress while Aviad keeps on working hard with the aim of alleviating stress but us jealous at his wife’s immediate success. Maya writes stories that express her feelings towards her husband, but he does not realize.

The story is set in a home with a couple who have lost a child due to a miscarriage. Keret (2012) points out that the miscarriage tends to compromise their love as Maya joins the creative writing academy and starts writing stories that indicate the reduction in love for Aviad. Her husband is envious of her and feels that he should too join a creative writing class. The point of view is that unexpected events could eventually compromise a relationship. In the story, Maya and Aviad were initially in deep love until an unexpected miscarriage occurred. Their love is at a risk as indicated in Maya’s stories and the envious attitude developed by her husband. This means they do not trust each other as before. Keret asserts that whenever Maya’s husband came home and he found her in the living room, sitting up straight and doing nothing. This indicates her fading love towards Aviad. Thus, they are exposed to a troubled marriage.

The theme of the story is a troubled marriage. The marriage is not troubled by factors such as infidelity but by an unexpected miscarriage. After the miscarriage, the couple starts to have doubts about each other. Maya writes stories that imply fading love towards her husband after the miscarriage. The husband does not understand the connectivity of the stories towards the miscarriage. The stories indicate her declining belief and trust in her husband. Her husband extends the trouble by developing envious feelings towards his wife. He is not happy about her immediate success in creative writing. The marriage is not as happy as it were before because of the miscarriage. Neither of the two parties wants to continue trusting another. There exists a cold hatred between Maya and his husband but is has not yet been brought to light. The stories wrote by Maya indicate the hatred existing between the couple.

The most fascinating aspect in the story is the aftermath of the miscarriage. At first, Maya does not want to do anything because of the trauma emanating from an unexpected miscarriage. She could only stay in the house and do nothing creative because she never wanted to step outside. Etgar Keret asserts that Maya was always in the living room doing nothing such as watching television or reading a novel. This is an indication that the miscarriage had frustrated her to the level that she did not want to interact with the environment. She is later on encouraged to join a creative writing class. While pursuing creative writing, she makes tremendous steps and everyone praises her. She writes stories that indicate her diminishing love for her husband whom they had initially been in deep love. She writes excellently and impresses every reader. Aviad, her husband is envious about her wife’s achievements. He is not happy seeing her prosper and decides to join a creative writing school. Keren asserts that Aviad, who had seemed to suggest a different ending, backpedalled and said it was all a matter of taste and he did not understand it all. This indicates his growing envy towards Maya his wife.

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