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Mental illness or disorders is a form of psychological anomaly that is regularly reflected in the behavioral characteristics of an individual. Usually, it’s highly linked to distress and disability which are not associated with normal growth and development of any human being. According to the World Health Organization, mental disorders can only be defined based on how an individual thinks, perceives changes, feels and acts. The actions of the person are influenced by the brain perfection hence we can to some extend claim that the nervous system and brains are linked to mental illness.

The understanding of the mental illness conditions has changed over a number of years, based on the culture of the people, variations on the definition of the illness, diagnosis age of the people among other factors. According to WHO April 2012 report about the mental illness, over a third of people globally reports annually some problems which meets the characteristics of certain types of mental disorders(Bolton, 2008).

This paper presents an analysis of the various types of is orders, currently diagnosed in various parts of the world. In addition to that, the paper will cite in brief some of the causes of mental orders before giving a conclusive remark on how people can adequately avoid these disorders or even treat them. In addition to that, the paper will also present information relevant on the sources of mental disorders, medications and the effects of mental disorders to an individual life and dependants of the persons if they were adults (Shearsby, et. al J January 01, 2012).

To begin with, there are different types of mental illness and disorders according to a recent report released by the Chinese mental classification department. Anxiety and continuous fear interferes with the normal functioning of the human behavior controlling parts such as the central nervous system and the brain to cause anxiety disorders (Barrantes, et.al January 01, 2010). The main example of these disorder exhibited in human life includes social anxiety disorders, panic based disorder, xenophobia, stress disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders among others. In addition to that, other element of human behaviors such as the mood can be affected because of the disorders such as the mood disorder, which involves intensified and long lasting sadness, despair and confusion, continuous melancholia and depression. Moreover, the mood disorders has been linked to bipolar disorders which is popularly known as manic depression. A lot of debates have been held about disorders where some cases revealed that individual can suffer from more than one disorder though the result of the debate are subject to hot scientific proof ( S%u030Cprah L & Dernovs%u030Cek, M January 01, 2009).

Moreover, other forms of disorder found to emanate among personality characteristics include the eating disorders which involves disproportions in the manner of weight and food. Example of this disorder includes the bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorders and lastly exercise disorders where individual rejects exercise yet they are overweight. Sexual disorder and gender equality illness arises where an individual starts portraying some un usual sexual disorders such as homosexuality, ego-dystopia behavior of having sex with animal such as dogs and the like (Bolton, 2008).

The main causes of these disorders have been linked to use of drugs such as marijuana, cannabis sativa, heroine and gum. Moreover, individual have been found to exhibit disorderly behavior when drunkard from alcohol though it’s short lasting. Secondly, prolonged illness can also lead to an individual develop some disorder nest in the course of life hence to prevent this individual are advised to visit hospitals in case of any illness such as malaria or headache. Moreover, disturbances from noises, self identity and even memory loss and lack of awareness can abruptly lead to brain distortion hence mental illness (Shearsby, et al, January 01, 2012).

The resultant effects of all these disorders are self discrimination where an individual can be termed by the society as an outcast and thus segregated from national social and economic developments. This can trigger the victim not to grow well morally or even cause other disasters such as death, murder and even rape cases (Barrantes, et.al January 01, 2010). The other effect of all these illness can also lead to social exclusion of a person from the other people resulting to the victim feel neglected and thus run away from home. The extreme case of disorders such as mental depression can be madness where a person starts removing clothes, collecting garbage fighting and even failing to behave humanly (Z%u030Cupan & Ahc%u030Can January 01, 2011). Other minor effects of disordered to the society are the public changing attitude towards an individual, increased theft and even at the extreme case the person can cause accidents more so if driving. According to WHO in 2010, every year, over 20 million non fatal attempted based suicides are reported across the globe due to stress and depression disorders (S%u030Cprah & Dernovs%u030Cek, January 01, 2009).


The various disorders discussed above can be managed in advance through ensuring that the victims are taken to psychiatric clinics and hospitals early in advance or even provided with necessary mental health services with the locality. Secondly, the people must be enlightened about the dangers linked to drug and alcoholic abuse. Moreover, most of the teenagers are committing suicide disorders due to the lack of parental and guardian’s advices, hence the parents must adequately play their roles in the children. Lastly, clinics psychologies are highly vital in areas where people are not socializing in higher heights as they facilitate the provision of counseling services to the people. People are advised and trained that there is aftermath positive life and thus they should avoid thought such as committing revenge, theft or even suicide. Moreover, regular physical exercise can also do a favor in mental disorders more so those linked to stress and depression (Bolton, 2008).

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