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Miracle of life is a movie that was first aired on December, 15 in the year 1983. It takes the viewer through the process in which human reproduction occurs from conception to birth. This work is based on the knowledge of the Swedish photographer and researcher, Lennart Nilsson. The photographer uses special microscopic photographic techniques to unveil the other part of the world that is unforeseen, i.e. about how a child grows and develops in the mother’s womb. The main characters here are Margarita Fisher (a young woman) and Joseph Singleton (a wealthy man).

First and far most the movie has information to the young women who are in a relationship in anticipation of marriage. They should be in a position to decide their lives in advance as either in a family or in the luxury world of parties and nightclubs. Margarita Fisher on realizing that she is pregnant with Joseph, she aborts the baby without the concert of Joseph. Joseph who wanted to a family divorces her on realizing that Margret doesn’t want to get a baby.  At old age the spirit of the aborted child keeps haunting her. It’s a very good message to the current women.

The movie takes us through the stages of development of a child right away from when the egg is released from the ovary up to birth. The stages of development of a child are clearly filmed to the viewer. This helps to quieten as well as provide some information on the hotter debate about when life begins. Is it at conception or at birth? Viewers are able to judge on their own on when this begins as they may be equipped with information to claim for their argument.

The movie has information on the dangers of abortion to women. The only danger poised here is infertility. After doing induced abortion, Margarita and Joseph divorces as she joins life in parties and night clubs. When she gets married later in life, she was unable to get another child due to the previous damages committed on the womb. Instead, she is hauled with dreams about the child she aborted. This is the time when she needs that child but she cannot get one.

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