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The modern world is hard to imagine without technological devices that became an integral part of our lives. New technologies are invented all the time, although only some of them significantly impact our lives whilst others disappear from the market without even being noticed. Nevertheless, some inventions can be absolutely innovative in the way they change the everyday routine and other aspects of the lives of millions. Thus, the aim of this paper is to evaluate iPad Mini as one of the most notable innovations of the last decade that had a great success amongst customers with various demographics, preferences, social status, etc.

Product Characteristics

IPad Mini has a number of truly spectacular characteristics and features that make it desirable and sought after. The main characteristics which define the efficiency of iPad Mini include the internal storage size, the speed of the system, applications, and software that can be used on it. Processors’ speed, the mode text input, the resistance of screen glass to scratch or fingerprint, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi options are other important features combined in this small-sized device. Moreover, iPad Mini has an extended battery life and easy recharging that also contributes to its convenience and effectiveness. Additional accessories such as a case, a mouse, and an audio jack are available.

Customer Group

The uniqueness of iPad is primarily explained by the fact that it is the first device to bridge the technology gap between generations. Older people, children, young mothers, people of different occupations, and other customers find an iPad Mini very useful and convenient. The appeal of iPad Mini to older generation and children is connected to it being very self-explanatory and easy to use which is a crucial factor for these customer groups.

However, the invention of the iPad was a competitive upheaval for certain customers groups such as business people and students. Owning this compact personal computer that had a number of useful functions have suddenly become very fashionable and utterly desirable.

Pros of iPad Mini

IPad Mini is a highly functional device that has a large variety of functions that can be applied for completing work tasks and tasks connected to leisure time. One of the most important advantages of iPad Mini is its small size (7.9 X 7.87 X 5.3 inches) and lightweight (0.68 pounds) that making it easy for people to take it with them anywhere. It is much lighter than the older model of iPad weighing about half of its weight. Moreover, using an iPad Mini helps people to organize their work more efficiently by having access to all documents and information saved on this small device.

IPads have an unarguable advantage over laptops due to the processing speed that is greatly enhanced for iPad. Additionally, the setup of the overall system of iPad Mini has an integrated dual-core processor which many laptops do not have. The internal storage memory is 64 GB that enables saving an adequate amount of information on the device.

The device has a comfortable size touch screen that allows reading e-books, working with documents, browsing the Internet, watching videos, and performing other tasks on it. Its full touch screen display has a liquid crystal monitor with a resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels and is scratch resistant that making the iPad Mini more durable than an ordinary computer screen (Fortt 2012).

IPad Mini can also be used as a communication device connecting people to their friends and relatives through e-mail, Skype, social networks, etc. Additionally, it is equipped with powerful cameras both front- and rear-facing.

The main advantage of the iPad Mini that makes it so unique is the combination of its functionality, availability of a large variety of features, smart look, and comfortable design. Moreover, the price for the iPad Mini is quite affordable starting from only $329. The listed features make it the most highly ranked device on the market appearance of which provoked a real furor amongst the customers.

One of the most impressive features of the iPad Mini is the battery life that allows the owners of this device to re-charge it much less frequently than a laptop.

Cons of iPad

Even though the small size was mentioned as an advantage, it can be not very convenient for some users. It is too large to hold it and type using just one hand like with a smartphone, but probably too small to use it as a computer.

Another disadvantage is connected to its keyboard being in portrait mode with keys that might have some difficulties for people to press.

Finally, some scientists argue the impact of iPad on people’s health after using them on a day-to-day basis. Scientists researching the issue stated that there is a high risk of the magnets featured in the iPad affecting youngsters’ health by altering the valve settings of youngsters’ brain shunts or causing the shunt to malfunction.


Thus, evaluation of the iPad Mini’s features demonstrates the obvious benefit of using this device for every population group. Its convenient size and wide selection of applications is useful for students, business people, and even for people with a low level of technical knowledge. It helps people become more organized, and have easy access to information and communication services. Therefore, iPad can be called the best innovation of the decade that is a great contribution to the modern world. It meets the demand of various groups of customers and makes our lives more efficient.

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