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The filmmakers have got a great concern for the technology levels in Africa as compared to the rest of the world. The main issue of interest is the digital technology.

Africa faces persistent tastes of poverty, which proves to be a challenging factor to its growth. The film expresses how it has taken Africa time to adopt the criteria that holds digital technology. The filmmaker, George Kamananago, has in mind that the digital technology has been in life since time, giving an example of a guitar. He says that the tunes are mathematical oriented.

Africa too, like any other continent, faces the rapid evolution of technology with the assumption that, at any particular time, something new comes up. The director of TV and radio in Senegal says that, currently, a mobile phone is also used as a TV, and is taking other big roles in life. It is here in Africa, where much of the profit originates from. For instance, the usage of wireless system with a great appreciation from the users. The filmmaker also tries to give the origin of this system. They state that analogue values and digits are used to give interpretation based on signal felt. Numbers used are zero and one. Africa has two faces ­ of those who are exposed to digital technology such as phones, TV and radio and the other who are not. Phone users still face harsh times as there is limited accessibility of local networks. Social enlightenment is there, easier communication, improvement in education standards and even politics. Use of internet is considered to be less costly. It has promoted development hence its accessibility improved.

Despite all these views, the digital technology comes with its own challenges in our daily life. It is proven that some of its aspects can have health hazards to us.

There is some kind of stereotype in the minds of many about Africa. It is believed that Africa is backward and a non-modern space, which is not the case as per this film. Africa asks itself which kind of technology is best for its being in the world. Some of the resources needed to produce technological materials are extracted here in Africa, such as coltan found in the Congo. These recourses have always got their way to the waste and as result insulting our calmness. There has been an outbreak of warfare with soaring prizes in the minerals. Also, since technology involves in mathematics, it is believed that Africa holds the key to this. The Ishango bone had mathematics-related ideas, which were used in making of space ships. It should be noted that the first phone call in Africa was made in 1986 according to Alexander Kande, director of Telecel in Zaire. Development of pyramids in Africa gives the belief that Africa had the mathematical knowledge of counting in development of these technologies. Ishango bone has become the taste of technology growth and civilization.

Africa has a taste on improvement in technology since it is now exposed to the world. Levels of communication are now comfort and it is much easier to be done. There has been introduction of more cyber places, tutoring on internet application and finally setting up of telecommunication busters. This is the manner in which Africa has tried to adopt digital technology in order to eliminate poverty. Technology has taken so many dimensional changes and Africa is always with it. Note that it is here in Africa that so much profit is derived from the wireless systems. Africa is much ahead in digital technology than it is believed.

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