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The Factors Responsible for the Introduction and Diffusion of Communication Technologies

This paper discusses the factors responsible for the introduction and diffusion of communication technologies. The introduction and diffusion of such technologies has undoubtedly immensely grown in the recent past. This is occasioned by the factors that are analyzed here below. One such factor is improvement in research technology. According to the researches, technology has now improved leading to the emergence of many associated technologies.

Per capita income is also a vital factor. Where the per capita income is adequate, individuals are able to engage in productive work. Enough capital is available for one to start businesses. Research is easily accomplished where there are enough resources. Thereby, funds are available to enhance research in communication technologies. This ensures that the products are readily available in the market for sale. It is also notable that, where per capita income is sufficiently available, the market can afford to purchase technology-based products and utilize them. This allows for a swift growth in the communication technology segment.

Urbanization is another key factor. With the development of certain areas into urban centres, a flurry of activities would ensue. All such activities require a modern and efficient mode of communication. Communication technologies offer a solution. Based on activities of urban areas, residents would deem it appropriate equipping their premises with up-to-date gadgets (Julius & Loretta 2005). Such actions are necessary since technologically advanced machines enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Urban centres have particular infrastructure, which allows for the utilization of communication technologies. For instance, network is available since fibre optic cables are connected. In addition, electric power is readily available. Moreover, the capacity to operate technology-based services is easier. This makes urban areas favourable for the promotion of communication technologies, thereby enhancing their inventions and diffusion.

In addition, the Internet and broadband penetration enhance diffusion of technology. This crucial infrastructure would facilitate a spread in communication technologies. These facilitate the connectivity between one area with another using certain gadgets, like a computer or a cell phone. Appropriate tools would work well to allow connectivity and, thereby, communication between one person or region and another is possible. In areas where the service is absent, no progress takes place regarding the communication technologies since the necessary working infrastructure or service does not exist. In areas where it is available, conditions are deemed favourable to draw the experts there for the provision of the service.

Regulation is the last factor considered. Various authorities are mandated to carry out specific duties as far as technology communications are concerned. There is a requirement for use of radio frequencies and the frequencies allocated for mobile telecommunications are limited. The authorities that give licenses are also charged with the responsibility of designing the market structure for mobile telecommunication services by fixing the number of entrants and the entry mode. Hence, following regulations is not an option. Adherence to the rule of law is obligatory. Therefore, compliance is necessary. Where the conditions are strict but fair and reasonably flexible, the communication technologies will spread at a faster rate. This means that areas with appropriate regulations that allow for fairness promote the industry; on the other hand, the areas with prohibitive regulations discourage the industry growth. Regulations must be designed in a way that all the participants equally benefit from their activities; thus, fair competition will prevail. This would act as an incentive to pull investors who may be interested in investing their resources in the industry.

It is clear that environments with appropriate facilities and laws that encourage the growth of the industry would enhance the diffusion of communication technologies. Improvement in technology has also had an immense influence through the introduction of inventions that have enhanced the way businesses and communication are carried out. For instance, improvement in technology allows entities to reach a large clientele. Thus, reliable communication is vitally essential to business. This is achieved through improved communication technologies. Further, funding of research in the area would improve the sector through the introduction of new inventions, which would contribute towards the reduction of communication costs and running business expenditure.

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