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The most populous city in the United States of America, New York City is well designed with intersections and well decorated streets. On my arrival to LaGuardia airport in New York, I could not stop wallowing in the breath-taking and scenic view of the city. The design of the city must be some masterpiece of a brilliant designer. It is the Metropolitan Trade center of the USA and home to the famous world trade center and the twin towers. New York City is the heart of the USA, and perhaps the greatest contributor to the American economy. It is a global power city. This is evident from the many commerce, finance, media, fashion, art, technology, research, education and entertainment centers that dot the city.

On my arrival at the airport, I could not keep my eyes off the beautiful airport that could be among the best in the world. The courtesy exhibited by the American citizens is one of the best in the world. My driver from the airport was very instrumental, in fact so hospitable; he showed me around as he drove me to my hotel room. The New Yorkers have a cultural heritage that surpasses expectation. Their love for their country was evident in the attire; most of their clothes had the colors of American flag, perhaps an indication of the emotional attachment that they have for their country.

The police system

The city has the best police system in the world, at least according to my estimation. This was evident from the many police officers who my chauffer was able to identify.  The city has some of the best landmarks in the world-tall scenic buildings, some with Roman architecture. The world trade center is the tallest of all the buildings, housing almost one hundred and twenty floors. Some of the greatest landmarks the city boasts of include the Times Towers and the sparkling hub of the Broadway theatre. This is perhaps the world’s busiest intersection of pedestrians. The city has the best intersections, bridges, parks and skyscrapers in the world. New York has the best financial district in the world, the best financial center being the Wall Street. The city has the best and most expensive real estates in the world. This is evident from the many investors in the New York Stock Exchange; most of the investors are realtors, as the driver told me.

The population

Contrary to popular belief that most of the inhabitants of the city are of American origin, there are other people, the Chinese and people drawn from other parts of the world as well. In fact, on my second day I visited the Manhattan’s Chinatown. This is the city that has the highest population of Chinese people. It is also one of the busiest cities within New York City and has a 24-hour economy. Numerous universities and colleges are located in this city. Some of the universities include New York University, Columbia University and Rockefeller University, considered some of the best in the world. People within the city go about their businesses as usual. The most preferred means of transportation is the sub-way train, perhaps because of its speed and convenience. Some people prefer to cycle to work, a show of simplicity, and a measure that could reduce traffic jams within the streets.


Some of the best buildings in the world are located in this great city. My driver was very instrumental in offering some of the most insightful stories about the city and the emotional attachment that the New Yorkers have for the city. Due to its strategic location, the world trade center and the twin towers were the targets of terrorist attacks of the September 11. As I headed home after my brief stay in the city, I could not wait to return to this great city, and wallow in its breathtaking scenery.

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