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Have you ever thought critically about the underlying reasons behind the mushrooming of insurance companies and quest of people to have collateral security? The primary reason for advancement in technology is the desire for supremacy, such that no one is found to be the victim of another in an unexpected event. Many governments are striving to have super powers; researchers are hungry to dig out the most secure means for survival; the world of medicine has been on the stroll towards the best vaccines and proper cure for man`s most dreaded diseases.  The field of meteorology has not been left behind, as witnessed by their strove towards predicting proper weather patterns. What about the third world nations? Are they secure? Does it mean that the developed nations are secure the most? Nevertheless, a glimpse of the world activities portrays every man, every family, every organization and every state in a perpetual fear of the uncertain future. This thesis looks into a critical review of the movie Prophets of Doom by discussing its presentations, views, implications on the present world and its connections to major events.

The movie Prophets of Doom is the commentary broadcasted on the History Channel in January of 2011. It is brought about in a unique style and conclusive presentation, though the end leaves the reader to choose the plan of action. In this movie, the writer portrays a scene of the great leaders of the nation sitting in a cement warehouse, discussing key issues that each thinks is the most urgent and must be dealt with immediately. The scene shifts from one speaker to another after every twenty minutes. Each speaker rattles the viewers with emotional information about impending disaster that must be dealt with.

As the scenes unfold, it is imperative that each leader has a point but priority is the key issue here. Commenting on the same movie, the administrator of the world of film crafts explains his agreement with these leaders, since what they are presenting is a true reflection of what is on the ground. The movie brings the key areas of concerns to the viewers, which include water crisis, overpopulation, oil crisis, terrorism, finance/economy, nuclear threat, and artificial intelligence among many others. These leaders believe that prophesy is as follows: these areas of concern are on the path of certain end they term apocalyptic. In fact, their views are congruent with the ones portrayed in the Bible that basically state that the world will come to a sudden end one day. These assumptions, if viewed in some dimension, sound true. For instance, since the discovery of the fossil fuel, we have been on the quest to amass it for purpose of inevitable utility. But this has been an annihilation of our planet since one day the fossils will come to an abrupt end for certain; will that not be the doomsday?

After several scenes of deliberations, the leaders agree on water as the key issue. They predict doom to befall the nation in this area.  They assert that a way of monitoring the water resources and creation of more water reserves has to be invented. The leaders claim that water is prone to infiltrations of lethal substances such as caffeine, which in the recent past has been showing exponential increase in the organisms of the sea animals. The substance is harmful to these creatures and they will one day be wiped out. Furthermore, an enemy can unnoticeably place some lethal poison in all water resources one day , and the whole nation would drink the poison and get wiped out. This will be the dooms day of another scenario. The day could be today, tomorrow, or a hundred years from now, but for sure it will come at an unexpected time.

The scene advances to the second most considered threat which is oil in this case. According to the leaders, the demand for fuel-related products has been sky-rocketing. This boom has been attributed to the increase in population, consequently the increase in demand.  Currently there are the tractors for tilling land for food, cars, plastic products among many other consumer goods. The raising demand for oil is irreversible, whereas the resource is non renewable. One day it will come to an end. The day may not be known but for sure it will come. Will this not be the doomsday?

In this movie, the writer is trying to bring out a sensitive issue to the viewer. He is underlying the bottom line of these doomsday prophecies by jerking the viewer into the reality of its happenings. According to the author, no one pays attention to these events until they happen at the individual level. This is also the same as the biblical doomsday, which though prophesized animatedly, have been given little attention. According to the writer, technology and depletion are in battle and one day (not known exactly), depletion will win and that will be the doomsday. The writer stresses out further that our lifestyle is going to change one day. According to him, we won’t be able to eat and drink whatever we want anymore, we may not have the money we have now, or the money won’t be of help to us then. The concluding emphasis is that we have to find a suitable way of preparing for the unexpected misfortunes that will befall all of us.

In wrapping up, it is apparent that everyone is at the potential risk of unnatural happening, it does not matter the status, or nation, or language, or race. We can choose to ignore it as a mere hearse but its happening is certain and imminent. This movie calls for one to be alerted and to devise ways of survival in the event of the occurrence of the dooms day. This thesis has critically looked into the review of the movie Prophets of Doom by discussing its presentations, views, implications for the present world and its connections to the major events. It is a must watch for all human beings, since it calls for alertness to the impending dangers.

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