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Upon entering the theatre, or paying money to enter a theatre or any other show, the viewers have different reasons as to why they are waiting so eagerly to see the play start. Some people are critics at their own reasons, some make up a date to the theatre with an aim of learning, others for entertainment and many other different reasons. Actors on their part do every part as they can to make sure that the play attracts the viewer’s attention, and they get maximum satisfaction. This paper reviews the play by the name Bonnie and Clyde and brings out different critics about the play from the actors, theatre performance and presentation also the viewer’s interest.

Bonnie and Clyde is a very interesting play, spectacular (80 minutes show where actors by the name Megan Trout is Bonnie while Joe Estlack takes the character of Clyde in a production of shotgun players of Bonnie & Clyde (Friedman, 89), film that a person has every reason to watch. The reason behind this is enthusiasm, fun, the stage performance, movements, the drama and the picture created in the mind of the film is very exciting and clearly shows the themes of the script. It is one of the films that a person can keep on watching time after time because the humour in it will always remain and it is the one making it very exciting and interesting to watch every now and then (based in America).

It is designed to revive and   reflect on the myth of two celebrated gangsters (Bonnie and Clyde). It involves two lovers who meet with one having dreams of starting crimes so that he can free himself from the adversities of depression (Clyde Barrow). When these two fall in love, they start committing crimes extending from Oklahoma up to Texas. Their main interest is robbing stores, banks which are relatively small with some funny skills and later on they become petty celebrities’ country wide and they run away to avoid being caught by the authorities (Friedman, 89). Later on there comes a shootout with the authorities and Buck is mortally wounded, and Clyde whisks him away but later dies. On their way back to Dallas May 23 1934 on the rural Louisiana road, an ambush arises where Bonnie and Clyde are both shot by the police.

The couple will do with the law, what just a few could do, and perhaps they deserve to be shot down before it is too late.  This terrorism of the southwest in the 1920s was based on a true story. The famous gang robbers and their performance in the film personalizes them, and at the same time is portraying the kind of violence that accompanied them which is so admirable. The nature of the stage performance is quite magnificent, and it really brings out the picture of a real movie of what used to happen. This is so because it is interesting in the sense that the film is more of a performance art than play (Guinn, 98). This is attributed by the soundscape, video projection and dancing on the stage that was later incorporated. Stunning work is portrayed by the kind of stage pictures used in the film. Here, the two characters fight and fret by persuasive moments of dance and fantasy and also foreboding which clearly depicts the good work done by the designing team.            

The film production gives a clear picture of the values of the play and also the main theme. This is even what makes the film more interesting because as an audience, one is in a position of capturing all this. It is produced in a technical manner whereby the script has a unique intriguing complication as one try to figure out the relationship of Bonnie and Clyde. The sense of titillation in this film comes with the guilt of the sexy Bonnie and Clyde which appears appropriate. The bond between Bonnie and Clyde is the unquestionable thrill of being well-known outlaws. In some instances, Bonnie could even imagine herself being a shade of Chicago and on the other hand Clyde who is agitated that a certain news -paper   has allegedly him with a murder which he never committed, is to some extent mollified in circumstances where Bonnie says that the photo accompanied the article is handsome and more so, he calls him Daddy. These are some of the instances that apparently show the theme of the film which are very interesting. The film makes anyone feel sympathy for Bonnie and Clyde due to the way their extravaganza has spiralled out of control. It is clear in their mind how the film will end and they are somehow resigned to it that results to dramatic weight to their awful love story (Peck, 56).

What can be seen on stage is a gorgeous story by way of art set up of Bonnie and Clyde. The movements in partnership are observing abilities and also the dance, the movements, the passion, enthusiasm with the characters is quite apparent.  The reasons as to why I like the play is its set up. It is very original, and this makes it a simple classic play that supersedes very many plays which lack creativity in them and they depend on other produced work (play). The play is to some extreme feelings which is a human emotion and this feature makes it attractive. This play is appropriate for anyone who is interested in watching plays as it captures all elements in a play while maintaining morality and ethical behavior. Also play which is based on a true story is good for any -one out there to refresh on the history of the famous robbers (Bonnie & Clyde) who become celebrities due to theft and later killed by the police as they were coming back to encounter with their parents (Peck, 56). The show is also educative and should be taken with a lot of seriousness and for those who are learning literature, this play provides a student with a platform to analyze plays, a play within a play, and this definitely would help them be in a position to improve in their academics.

Most importantly, Bonnie and Clyde is a very gorgeous play full of marvelous performances that are very interesting and educative in nature. It is a play that upholds morality and also embraces the ethical values that should be considered in any play hence the play does not limit the age of the audience. It is also a play that is very attractive in the sequential performances that follow each other (Guinn, 98). The theme and values in the play can be easily pointed out, and this makes the audience enjoy and understand the play. The play within a short time summarizes a long story into just an 80 minute play capturing everything, and these shows how creative and imaginative it is.

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