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The main motive of the report is to highlight the problems of the Rock Bowling Club. Rock bowling club has 100 employees and also has different branches in various locations. The headquarters of the Rock Bowling Club is in Southbank. However, lately Rock Bowling club has faced a lot problem. The problems which are mainly discussed hamper their business, reputation, as well as their image in the market place. Management of the Rock Bowling Club indicated a sign towards their staff.  They feel that the staff of the Rock Bowling Club is not much prompt for handling their customers. On the other hand, the staffs of the Rock Bowling Club often complain about the poor treatment by management. The staffs feel that the management of the Rock Bowling Club is not treating them properly. According to them, another responsible factor is the low payment. For this reason, they are not so much self-motivated to accomplish their jobs properly. The survey also highlights the monotony factor of the employees. They also complain about the repetitious job for this issue. If these problems persist further, then it will directly affect the staff-management relationship, as well as it will also hamper the image of the Rock Bowling Club.

Analysis of the Business Problem

Here, the main problem is the dissatisfaction of the staff. This dissatisfaction occurs due to many reasons.  Various companies face lot of problems regarding to the staff. However, if they analyze problems separately, they can solve them more efficiently. The staffs of the Rock Bowling Club are not satisfied with their management; for this reason they often complain to their customers that they are not inspired to handle their customers. This is a serious problem, because employees are complaining to their customers and as a result, a bad image reflects in the minds of customers. The club is losing its image. Every company and its employees try to build up images in the eyes of customers, but here the case is totally different and reverse. The club is losing their customers, as well as profit.

However, if one analyzes this problem, one can find there are several reasons for dissatisfaction of the staff. The main problems are: poor pay packages, poor handlings by management, including bad behavior, unsuitable, ill-timed comments, lack of proper communication between staff and management and repetitious job. If these problems are continuously running and are not solved by management of the Rock Bowling Club, then the company will face the problem like employee turnover. Maybe nowadays the staffs are showing their discomfort and dissatisfaction to the customers, but in future, they may call for the strike. So, management surely needs proper and right steps to solve this issue. 

One of the regular and popular reasons of employee/labor/staff turnover is poor pay packages. One has seen that employees with limited benefits and poor packages often dissatisfied maximum time towards work. When one sees other employees of other companies with a same designation and work profile earning huge incentives and high income, whereas one’s salary is not compatible enough, one may underestimate oneself.

Another reason of employee turnover is poor communication or its lack between the staff and management.  Effective and productive communication has 2 types: internal communication and external communication. Internal communication is all about the communication between employees of the company and management of the company, and the external communication is all about the communication between the company staff and customer, suppliers etc. Lack of communication between management and staff creates lot of problems like: misunderstanding, absence of information from both sides and reducing of employee’s performance.  

Another relevant thing of the poor communication is a conflict between staff and managers. Rock bowling club also faces this type of problem; as a result, management treats the staff badly. This includes bad behavior, ill-timed and unsuitable comments etc. Sometime monotonous job also creates a problem in this issue. Monotony comes from doing similar kind of work repetitively. Lack of job rotation, lack of process and methods of involving people in sports activities, recreation, entertaining events and Job redesign result in problems. As a result, monotony has grasped the staff. In case of the Rock Bowling Club, similarly, this way the club staffs are frustrated and they feel it is a monotonous job.

Several theories are there to solve these problems. These theories also state the reason of these problems. The 1st theory is Maslow’s theory of hierarchical needs. Maslow’s theory highlights several topics regarding the motivational need. If motivation comes properly, it ruins the monotony factor. This theory also shows the reason behind the problem of Rock Bowling Club. According to the club source, staffs often complain about the low pay package and poor treatment by management.

Maslow’s theory suggests 5 needs. These needs are:

1. Basic and psychological needs, which denote basic life needs: air, water, shelter food.

 2. Safety needs, which denote: protection, order, security.

 3. Love and belongingness: family, relationship, affection, work group

4. Esteem needs: achievement and responsibility

 5. Self-actualization: fulfillment of one’s own goal

Low pay package means that the staff of the Rock Bowling Club does not fulfill their basic needs and also they fear about their security regarding money matters. According to Maslow’s theory, management of the Rock Bowling Club does not fulfill the basic needs and safety needs of the staff. Another relevant matter is that the relation between the staff and management is not so good. Staff often complains about the poor treatment and bad behavior of  management. This denotes that the relationship between staff and management is not going so well, which portrays the problem of love and belongingness (according to Maslow’s Theory). So, one has seen that3 needs of Maslow’s theory are not fulfilled here. For this reason, the problem occurs. If management does not take the proper action, like increase the pay package and high incentives for extra work, close the gap between staff and managers, regularly communicate with the staffs, then this problem will create a big issue and hamper many things in the workplace of the Rock Bowling Club.

Another theory, which is very relevant here, is the theory of Hygiene & Motivation by Frederick Herzberg. Herzberg highlights 2 factors here. One is hygiene factor and another one is motivation. Hygiene factor focuses some aspects like: direction, pay package or salary, condition of work and interpersonal relationship between staff and management. Motivation consists of work, acknowledgement and responsibility.

If one focuses on the hygiene factors, then one realizes the problem of the club. Very low salary of the staff, which is even not matched to the market rate, bad interpersonal relationship between mangers and the staffs create the problem, according to the hygiene factors. Even one cannot say that his or her conditions of work are very good. If it is good, then why the staff of the Rock Bowling Club not so much prompt for handling their customers? If it is good, then why does the staff of the Rock Bowling Club criticize management in their monotonous job? On the other hand, if one focuses on the motivation factors, one can realize what to do to overcome these problems. Proper work distribution to fight against the monotony factor, giving responsibility to the staff, good and effective communication needed between staff and management – all these should give a reward to the staff for their good work and should reorganize their work.

On the other hand, management should bring the right leaders in the right places. A good leader can change the entire situation and can solve the problems. Specifically, in case of the Rock Bowling Club, they need employee-oriented leader, who can insist on interpersonal communication and relationship, and can be concerned about the needs of employees. If management of the Rock Bowling Club will appoint this kind of employee-oriented leader in the right place, he can solve the problem. In such situation, the staffs of the Rock Bowling Club will be satisfied.


The problem comes from both sides of the organization. Management of the Rock Bowling Club, as well as staffs of this club, are creating a problem. Hence, solutions should reduce the issue, having heard the opinion and words from both sides. To reduce this kind of issue, management should take the following necessary steps:

  1. Increase the pay package of the staff.
  2. Proper and effective communication is necessary from both sides.
  3. Motivate staffs with fulfilling their basic needs.
  4. Improve the Rock Bowling Clubs’ working condition.
  5. Adopt proper policy of welfare, reward, incentives for the staffs of the Rock Bowling Club.

According to Maslow’s theory and Frederick Herzberg’s theory, one gets several things. If management increases the pay level of the staffs that directly affect them, they also fulfill the basic needs and safety needs, according to Maslow’s theory. If the management team communicates properly with the staff, it is easier for them to define the difficulties and to say what the main problem is. Maslow’s theory strongly signifies love and belongingness. Frederick Herzberg’s theory also emphasizes the factor of interpersonal communication and relationship. Hence, effective and proper communication from both sides is necessary here.

The staff of the Rock Bowling Club mentions the monotonous job. Management should adopt the proper policy of reward system and high incentives. These things will help to motivate the staff and also inspire them to do the work properly. Sometimes recreation and entertaining things are necessary in the organization, which helps to reduce their monotony. Right leader in the right place is also very relevant in solving this problem. On the staff’s point of view, they should not tell customers about their problems. If they feel there is some problem, then they should communicate with management. One point is necessary in that management should not ignore any problems. They should investigate difficulties personally and help the problematic employees.

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