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When deciding which movie to watch people often ask around their friends with similar movie preferences, the look up movie ratings on  IMDB or Metacritic, or just  surf the  forums.  Very often movies are not what they seem to be. Sometimes you can watch cool action movie trailer and later when you are sitting in the movie theater realize that  all the action in the film was actually gathered in that amazing  ninety second movie trailer.  There are movies that you watch  and they keep your attention until they are over and you  forget who was who  and what was the main point.  However, there are movies that you just “must seeâ€,  they open your eyes on certain issues or give you  perspective  on things, that you would have never come to see on your own.

The movie I believe is one of the “must see†categories is ‘Seven pounds’. You don’t actually know what it is about until you see it till the end, so it holds the mystery all the way through.

It starts with mysterious suicide reporting to 911 by the anxious man under unknown circumstances. Only later we learn that he is the main character of the movie, as we learn later. From that point on we see the sequence of unexplainable and a little bit puzzling events unfolding and leading the viewer to the final minutes of the story. Unless you belong to the category of the people with restless minds, who solve puzzles and over think everything, the plot remains mystery to everybody who prefers to just dive into the movie and just live in it. Unlike in many movies nowadays the scenes are not shuffled in most random order, on the contrary, the film and the sequence of events is very easy to follow. It seems logical, but yet does not give you the clear picture. The film keeps you guessing all the time, and you watch it, because you want to know “so what was this all about?â€

Everything in it is well thought through; director of the movie knew very well where he was going with it. Even the name of the movie, as confirmed by Will Smith, is a reference to a Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Veniceâ€, and conveys a much deeper meaning than anyone would think from a first glance. The title of the movie was intentionally developed to keep the viewers in the dark about the plot. However, in the end when combined with the Shakespeare reference it amazes with the depth and makes perfect sense. Every detail is in it’s place and every puzzle piece falls into place. Though, I’m not going to lie, there are some mistakes that can be picked up throughout the movie, but they are minor. And there are much less of them  than in the regular representative of movie species.

Not mentioning the cast would be like serving the meal and forgetting the utensils.  The lead character, around which the whole story evolves, is portrayed by the Will Smith.  He is the remarkable actor that can easily portray weakness in strengths, and deliver to the viewer whole rainbow of emotions within few seconds. Rosario Dawson is award winning actress that once again does a remarkable job with her character. The chemistry that goes one between her character and the one played by Will Smith will give you chills. The other, supporting, actors are just as amazing. Every , even minor, character is portrayed perfectly, would it be a blind man by Woody Harrelson or the woman with  abusive boyfriend by Elpidia Carrillo. The whole film just pierces you with the sincerity and raw emotion.

To conclude I would like to say that, this Movie is definitely the one you want to see. I highly recommend this movie, and I believe that every single viewer can benefit from this movie in the unique ways, as it has an ability to touch different corners of your heart. Unfortunately there is only so much I can tell you without revealing the plot, otherwise I could go on for another couple of pages. The actors did a great job, both lead and supporting roles. The settings for the scenes not only fit perfectly but bring a little bit extra to the atmosphere of the movie, be it the gruesome hospital twilight or magical fields that give the viewers almost a euphoric feel. If you think after reading this that “must see†label is a little overrated, than it is definitely the movie worth giving a chance to.

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