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Washington DC is one of the regions in the world that have embraced the use of air conditioning technology to reduce the temperatures during summer times. At this season of the year, the temperature hikes to levels of 100 plus affecting conform and activities of ample people. In response to this, working places, government offices, schools and homes have installed air conditioning appliances to reduce the temperatures, thus boost normal activities. This is so much in contrast to improving the economy since it comes with a number of negative consequences.
The writers take in to account on the implications that air conditioners have impacted on Washington economy, which include massive losses in terms of power, increased air pollution from burned energy fuels culminating to more global warming effects that warrant more air conditioning. These consequences among other can be circumvented if only people can turn down use of air conditioners. Installation of air conditioners should be left to areas where individuals are desperately in need of the cool environment, probably artificial, due to their physical state. Without the use of air conditioners, people will leap benefits such as less working during summers, less cost in maintaining the government; enhance socialization, reduction in robbery and criminal acts, and reduction in expenses on household appliances that engender heat. Consequently, families consume minimal power enabling a safe environment.
A disdain in use of air conditioners will promote outdoor activities, thus reducing the period that government officials take in drafting policies, most of them which are not citizens’ needs and preferences oriented. In addition, there is increased population in the street, consequently cutting down crime rate, reduction in number of indoors deaths, while children benefit with gaming and sporting in shady and humidified play grounds. In the long-run, plantations at the zenith of buildings will assume the role of cooing the buildings saving the country from economic, social, and environmental detriments.
The contemporary world has witnessed not only increase in human population, but also need to remain economically active throughout the year. Technological advancements have resulted to the invention of air conditioners, which are bestowed with the role of modifying the temperatures; thus, making the environment conducive. Individuals are able to carry out their activities without discomfort of high temperatures. Shunning down the use of air conditioners has detrimental consequences to both the economy and the environment, in my opinion.
To begin with, maintaining businesses active during summers, schools on progress and the parliament in place result to added values to the economy, than losses. The revenue generated from business during this period override the loss incurred on power needed for maintaining air conditioners. Closing down officers’ means ample services are inactivated, some of which are crucial for normal life activities. The prolong government leaders recession also interpret to rush in policy ramification, which may not give enough time to explore policies adequately. Consequently, policies have to undergo several amendments and revisits that add to the cost, rather than slowing government expenditures.
Surplus individuals in the streets also results to amplified cases of traffic jam, accidents, and social quarrels. The environments stand a threat for pollution due to increased usage of water, increased outdoor population translating to an increased amount of litter, and increased motorists as people drive to recreation and party/social centers, increasing greenhouse gases. Idlers are motivated to engage into prohibited acts such as doing drugs, peer influence on towards grouping that are vulnerable to engage to ill-health activities, and cases of breaking the law. Therefore, the argument that air conditioners should be faced out, seems subjective rather than objective. The truth remains that technology should be espoused with the aim of modifying the environment; hence improving human activities and enhancing comfort, rather than conform and submit to hostility of nature.

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