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“The Artist” is the film released in 2011, which won an Oscar prize. It is French romantic comedy-drama. The most amazing thing about this film is that the plot is very simple and it is silent. However, this simplicity makes this film creative and unusual. They say that the real art is simple. This saying is applicable to the film “The Artist”.

All beauty, brightness, and charm of the movie one can feel without color as the film is black-and-white. The language in “The Artist” one can understand without any words. Black-and-white color reflects the atmosphere properly. Music is also like the main character in this film as it influences the characters and actions. Without doubt, this film deserves attention just for its music that creates special mood.

Nobody denies the fact that dullness of colors makes this film more colorful and brighter, and the music makes it moving and thrilling. “The Artist” is joyful, sad, and serious at the same time, and this mix of moods makes it one total moment that proves that this film is alive, sincere, and real. The audience can experience what takes place on the screen. It is necessary to mention that “The Artist” captures attention from the first minutes and holds it till the final titles. “The Artist” is a proof that all new is forgotten old.

The film is about a silent movie star that meets a young dancer. However, soon the arrival of talking pictures change the situation and their careers go in the opposite directions. As it is possible to see, the plot is very simple, nothing unusual, or extraordinary. Events of the film take place in Hollywood.

“The Artist” takes the viewers back to the past and makes them remember the old days when movies were mute, magical, and glorious. However, it would be wrong to say that this film is about history of cinema. On the contrary, it is a touching, thrilling, and romantic expression of movie love. It is a story that proves that love cannot be expressed with the help of words but with the help of play, colors, and music.

Roger Ebert states that this is the most entertaining film, a film that charms. “The Artist” impresses with its performance and with its story. This film is like a letter to cinema. Despite the that fact that this film is silent, one cannot name it silent as it is full of delightful and pleasant music.

To my mind, every film should be analyzed using the criteria such as play of actors, genre, the problems depicted in it, choice of music, atmosphere of this film, etc.

What makes a good film? Without doubt, every person has his/her favorite films. Tastes differ. However there are features that define the quality of a film.  Every genre of film is interesting and exciting in its own way.

A good film is a film with a good script, an exciting storyline, screenplay, and persuasive acting. It is also important that the events are dynamic and unpredictable for the audience. The mind of the audience must always be on what is coming up next. The speed with which the plot unfolds must be balanced to make a good movie.

In my opinion a classical film is a film that one can watch many times. However, every time the viewer watches this movie, it feels as if they watch it at first, every time they find something new, every time they understand it in another way. A classical film is a film that has memorable performances. The same role performed by different actors is perceived in a completely different way.

There are films that people watch only to see their favorite actors. Without doubt, when a person watches a film and gets  emotional whenever they watch it, it means that this film is classical. One more feature of a classical film is that characters’ lines become quotes used by people in everyday life.

Based on this information, one can come to a conclusion the film “The Artist” is a good film that pretends to be classical. Despite that this film is new, it can be perceived to be the best. The genre of the film is romantic comedy-drama. It means that it combines the features of many genres. At the same time, it is romantic, thrilling, moving, humorous, sad, and dramatic. However, this is the film that a viewer wants to watch many times as the play of actors charms and impresses, music fascinates, and the viewer needs no words to understand this film.

I have expressed my positive opinion about movie “The Artist” and I am sure that this film deserves such attention. Some might argue that, for example, silent, black-and-white films are not up-to-date at present time. But this view is quite skeptical. This is the case when colors and words are not important. The play of actors and music create special atmosphere that makes a film unusual and amazing.

Moreover, this film is worth seeing as it has educational function. It informs viewers about the development of cinema, how they began to dub film, and how favorite actors who dubbed a film became funny and humorous.

There is a reason why one says that everything genial is simple, and what is simple is real art. “The Artist” really deserves respect. Maybe people are already tired of dramas and romantic comedies. However, this silent film enlivens the viewers. For the conservatives, it is difficult to appreciate this film, but after watching it everybody will feel calm and will definitely get esthetic pleasure.

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