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It is quite obvious that the fast-developing world causes an abundance of changes in the lifestyle of people all around the world, and women are not an exception. Comparing different aspects of women’s lives today and a few centuries ago, it is obvious that they have a considerable difference.

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The Feminist Movement and Discrimination of Women in the Past

First of all, it is well-known that, in the past, women experienced discrimination. The discrimination was mostly caused by the fact that women were dependent on their fathers and, then, on their husbands. A woman was considered to be a housewife whose main responsibilities included running the household and bringing up children. Women were notified to be less intelligent than men, so women were not observed as business partners or advisers in questions which did not deal with husbandry.

Women were often forbidden to work, so their life was limited to being at the house or going to some shops. Taking into account the fact that wives depended on their husbands financially, as they could not earn money, it was evident that they did not divorce, even if their marriage made them unhappy. Moreover, only, in 1851, Susan B. Anthony, one of the activists of the feminist movement, made her mind to struggle for the women’s right to divorce.

The contemporary situation differs from the one described above. To begin with, it was improved immensely. In order to prove this fact, it is noteworthy to underscore that women are not admitted to be housewives only. As a rule, they can work in any organization they would like to. Furthermore, a contemporary woman has an opportunity to choose if she wants to be dedicated to her family and children in particular, to be a well-qualified professional or to combine these roles. Modern women are often pressed both physically and psychologically by unsuccessful marriages, as they have a right to divorce if they find it necessary.

Gender Discrimination in Politics

Another aspect of women’s life which has changed is a political one. Earlier, women could not take part in the political life of the country. Moreover, they were forbidden to vote, and the struggle for this right was quite suffering. Throughout history, there are a lot of examples that demonstrate this. One of them is the decision of the Supreme Court to deny the women’s right to vote in 1874. Only, in the twentieth century, the 19th Amendment guaranteed women their right to vote and, in this way, women began to take an active part in the political life of the country. Nowadays, women do not only have a right to vote but can also become politicians.

Gender Discrimination in Education

One more aspect of women’s life which has changed is education. Earlier, women were forbidden to study at schools or universities. Contemporary women do not experience this discrimination, as they can study any branches of science and to choose any profession they wish to. Furthermore, the fact that, in numerous cases, women demonstrated their intelligence and professionalism shows that the hypothesis about women’s disability to make the right decisions and to become the basis of the success of the company is wrong. Fortunately, it is evident that the situation with the above-mentioned aspects of women’s life has been changing in a positive way.

Examples of Gender Discrimination in a Mass Media

Offensive for Women Advertisements

On the other hand, the situation is still not ideal. For instance, modern society is inclined to concede some advertisements, films, TV and radio programs which are offensive for women. One of the examples of them is the advertisement of Ashley Madison which shows two women: one of them is thin and another one is quite overweight. This advertisement discriminates all women who have this problem, as two signs are opposed to the pictures of women. “Tick” is opposite to a thin woman, and “Cross” to the overweight one. Such advertisements impose on the stereotypes which make overweight women think that they are ugly. This is the reason why the advertisement mentioned above is discrimination of all women who do not consider themselves to be thin; furthermore, it is very offensive to them.

TV Show Women’s Logic in Georgia

Another example of such offenses is a TV Show called Women’s Logic. It is broadcast in Georgia, and it is considered to be entertaining. It is a TV quiz, and women should answer some questions. The main peculiarity of such a show is that these questions give a hint that a woman can not be intelligent or well-educated. For instance, the example of such a question is the following: Is Salvador Dali an Italian fashion designer? Such questions offend women and even discriminate them in the aspect of their erudition.

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The Advertisement for Clorox

And, finally, an advertisement for Clorox is one more proof of the fact that there are some remnants of women’s discrimination in our society. It shows that a father and the son do not want to help their mother in running the household. What is more, they do not respect her. For example, if one of the splatters some barbecue sauce on his clothes, they treat a woman as a maiden who must wash it. They admit that she is quite bored, and she has so much free time that she has to do all the housework. This is the reason why such an advertisement provokes its viewers to think that a woman has to be responsible only for running the household, as she can not have any other responsibilities.

Free Example of Women’s Discrimination Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, it is necessary to notice that women’s life has changed considerably. On the other hand, there is an abundance of gaps that need to be filled. TV programs and advertisements that are offensive to women is evidence of this. It is obvious that such TV programs and advertisements need to be forbidden to be broadcast. On the other hand, they are watched in the mass media by an abundance of viewers. This is the reason why the government of all states should pay much attention to the situation of women’s discrimination, as there is much work to cope with. Fortunately, forecasts and contemporary tendencies are quite optimistic.

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