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International business today is fuelled by the dynamic processes of globalization and increasing interdependence among world’s economic players. Speaking of my curriculum preferences for a Master’s program in International Business, I am seeking to understand how economic, cultural, and political forces affect investment and business growth opportunities in China. My curriculum plans derive from my extensive undergraduate coursework, your School’s area of expertise, and my cross-cultural and community experiences abroad.

During my undergraduate studies in Economics, I have equipped myself with useful economic tools to clearly analyze complexities of international business. I have taken several important Economics courses, including Intermediate Micro/Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Statistics, Informatics, Advanced Calculus, International Trade, Game Theory, and other equivalent disciplines. That coursework has provided me with a solid knowledge of research methodology and a better understanding of the function of firms and markets. Armed with this background, I intend to focus on China’s economic policies and culture in order to understand how multinationals can compete and cooperate with local companies, especially at a time when the economic growth patterns in China are undergoing drastic shifts and create new challenges. In this regard, I am going to study the importance of cross-border collaboration and competition between multinational corporations and Chinese firms and see how such relationships are developed and maintained. I also look forward to examining the factors that affect the marketing decisions of investors in China.

I am choosing Business School at Seoul National University for its highly versatile Master’s program curriculum that can help me construct useful research on the prospective of international business in China. I am particularly looking forward to taking courses in (please list your desired courses here; you could even expand on each of them), as I believe they will help me tune up my current research base and pave the way for its practical application. I also believe that your outstanding faculty, spectacular resource base, and vibrant learning community with a cross-disciplinary academic culture create just the right type of environment for attaining my academic goals. I believe that besides giving me a firm research foundation in international business in China, your Master’s program curriculum will also help me uncover my full potential as a global business professional and a pre-PhD student.

Prior to filing an application with your School, I have had an extensive cross-cultural experience, which gives me one more strong reason to be attracted to your curriculum. In my 8 years of studies in the United States, I got involved in numerous extra-curricular activities, including but not limited to participating in a cheerleading club, an orchestra band, Indiana University Korean Student Association, and an internship in the accounting department at BorgWarner. These community and student activities trained me to quickly unearth creative solutions to challenges and use my community engagement for the purpose of both personal development and self-reflection. These experiences did not only enhance my flexibility in dealing with a variety of people but also provided me an international network of contacts.

It was over the course of my stay in America that I also developed passion for international business problems in America and back in Asia. That was also when I heard about your School. I am now deeply convinced that my current methodological base, the strengths of your Master program’s curriculum, and my newly acquired leadership skills will make a right mix for my professional and academic success. As I will be working hard to make a significant contribution to my field of study, I hope to benefit your Business School as well.

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