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For how long should we sit back and watch impunity spread in our land? Oh my God! There is an independent church by the name Westboron Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. For some reasons this church is known to be more of a hate group than a church as it is referred. Fred Waldron Phelps is the pastor to this church. Since time immemorial, the churches have always been famous for their acts of compassion and preaching of God’s love. To my surprise, the opposite of compassion is what happens in Waldron’s church. For your information, the statements that are made in this church are just demonizing for example, “America is doomed” and “priest rape boys”.

The Major Activities of the Westboro Baptist Church

To be specific, the major activities of the Westboro Baptist Church are facilitated by their slogan “God hates fags” rather than the good news of the Lord Jesus (Holland, 2004). It is so sad to realize that this church is full of opportunists who look for opportunities to demonize every activity that is carried out in the US.  This is a total distortion of the real message that is in the bible because God does not hate people but He hates sin instead. It has made the church to be despised (Farmer, 2006).

You may still be wondering if there is a problem with that. I would say yes, this is because the members of this church together with their pastor are so inhuman in nature as well as judgmental. In line with their actions, many innocent people are suffering emotional distress, defamation and intrusion of private property. Actually, the organization does a lot of picketing especially in soldiers or people related with gay activities funerals. This is whereby this weird group appears in these funerals without any invitation and begins mocking the bereaved.

Oh my! I do consider this as the cruelest way of comforting a person who has lost a loved one. It is an imaginable experience and a traumatizing too if people come out carrying posters indicating that God hates you as you are mourning for a loved one (Griffin, 2008). Fortunately, there are tangible evidences that can verify the weird actions of this church. Just to mention a few, they  declared in July to picket Carrie French’s funeral, St. Joseph’s soldier Edward Myers, Winnipeg, Matthew Snyder  as well as that of three university students killed in a house fire. The most affected was Snyder’s family who went ahead to sue the Westboro Baptist Church for emotional distress, defamation and intrusion of private property (Minnich et al., 2006).

In fact, during Matthew’s funeral Fred’s supporters were shouting and carrying posters that indicated that they were happy Snyder’s son is dead. Apart from this, Matthew was going to hell because he fought for a country that does not honor God like there before (Minton, 2008). Surprisingly, as if the public mocking of the family was not enough, Mr. Weldon went ahead to post a lot of false information about Matthew’s parents. In their website, they out rightly claimed that Matthew’s parents had poor parental skills and that is why they allowed their son to be misused in wars concerning the US. As a human being, you will agree with me that this was too much to bear for a parent who has lost a young man less than 30 years.

Looking at this scenario, it comes clearly that Westboro is not a church at all. This is because they do not honor Jesus principle of compassion and sympathizing with those who mourn. To add on this, all the messages in the bible have the teachings of God’s love and the many times God has pardoned mankind. Therefore, hatred is never part and parcel of God’s word. Nevertheless do not worry, just relax because I have a solution for this problem. Before I propose my solution, I have to congratulate the university students. Thank you for managing to disrupt a crowd which was picketing on the funeral of a student who was killed and hanged by his fellow students due to his gay activities.

First of all, let us support Mr. Snyder’s family on the case against the WBC. How do we do this, give them moral support, making donations for them as well as carrying out campaigns against the WBCs actions. We can as well fight for distance to be increased that the picketers keep while carrying out their weird protests. We should also urge the government to restrict the freedom of speech and only allow protests that do not hurt anyone’s emotions (Frost, 2010). Finally, we can request the university students to back us in this by creating awareness countrywide on the dangerous acts of the WBC and warn people against it.

How helpful can this be? If these solutions are implemented am absolutely sure that the effects of these perverted group will be reduced. If the distance is increased between the Protestants and their victims thrice the pressure and destruction of the WBC will be reduced. (Gardner & Anderson, 2005)The idea of university students being against Mr. Fred’s group will scare them from picketing in many funerals especially those concerning students. It is therefore our duty to push for the implementation of these ideas.

Above and beyond, I can therefore say that the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church are completely not acceptable. This is because they are more destructive rather than helpful as it should be in a Christian organization. Their contrasting idea of how God hates people and cannot forgive them is not Biblical and therefore a lie. You can therefore help me in implementing the corrective measures we have discussed as well as taking the initiative of evangelizing the true gospel of Christ to avoid confusion.  If you give me a hand in this, you can be sure to be on the winning side.

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