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What is the Relationship Between Language and Culture in the Spanish Context?

The relationship between language and culture is deeply rooted. According to the Spanish context, language is essential to maintain and convey culture and culture ties. Diverse ideas stem from varied language application within one’s culture and the whole intertwining of these affiliations begin at an individual’s birth. From the above sentiments, it is evident in that learning a new idiom includes the understanding and appreciating of a new way of life. As a result, Spanish context instructors of a language are also responsible for teaching culture.

How is 1808 Remembered in the Spanish National Imaginary?

This was the period of enlightenment in which most people sought to evolve from the past atrocities. The nation was trying to evolve from the past wars and economic strains and focused on securing financial and social stability of the citizens. Question: In what ways did the conflict between tradition and modernity manifest itself in the nineteenth century? Tradition and modernity are broadly applied as polar opposites in a linear theory of social change. The connections between the traditional and the modern do not essentially involve displacement, conflict, or exclusiveness. According to the Spanish context, modernity does not necessarily weaken tradition. In the 19th century, the conflict between modernity and tradition was evident in the ideologies and movements in which the polar opposites converted into aspirations. In addition, there was the emergence of new nations and their quickened aspirations toward economic betterment and equality of citizenship.

“How does Pedro Almodóvar Represent Changing Gender Roles in Spain in What Have I Done to Deserve This?”

‘What Have I Done to Deserve This’ is a film about a spectacularly dysfunctional family staying in Madrid. The plot’s dilemma comes fast and thick, and the whole film cheerfully revolves around edges of insanity. The film exhibits the intersecting lives of speed-addicted housewife Gloria and her husband Antonio whose sons are drug dealers and prostitutes. The film is a true representation of Pedro Almodovar’s ability to expose the changing gender roles in Spain. The lead character Gloria without a care in the world gives her son away to a pedophilic dentist in place for the demand for payment. The aspect of changing gender roles is present in the setting of the film. The family depends on the male of the family as the sole bread winner. However, Gloria’s husband refuses to let her get a job so that she can equally contribute to the family’s income. On the other hand, the man is not willing to give Gloria money to run the family.

In ancient Spain, there were defined gender roles and the men had the liability of looking after their families. The men’s responsibility ranged from financial care, provision of food, shelter, and clothing, and security. The women had the obligation of being homemakers which included cooking, washing, and looking after their families. The film depicts the change of these gender roles when Gloria is forced to embrace obligations of the husband. The production is without doubt a model of one of Pedro Almodovar’s more feminist minded films. Watching the film reveals Gloria taking up the roles of a family head and never plays the role of helpless victim overpowered by her abusive husband. The director of the movie takes comedic intend at the dejected predicament of working-class women in contemporary Spain and in the process explores the subject of changing gender roles. ‘What Have I Done To Deserve This’ exhibits successful women sticking it to their uncaring, no-good men, as well as a somewhat insensitive evaluation of a Spanish civilization that dooms women to indentured servitude? From the film, it is evident that money is the root of Gloria’s troubles since she cannot procure any from her husband for household needs. In most families, the death or loss of husbands and fathers is a signal of loss of income. However, in the film Antonio’s near-simultaneous deaths represent Gloria’s economic, emotional, and physical liberation. This is a clear indication of the changing gender roles in modern Spanish culture.

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