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The phenomenon of the “New Woman†comes with several changes that see transition from whom she was to who she wants to be in the current society. There are a number of aspects in the lives of New Women that define them. They include: marriage, work, sexuality, mode of presentation, social status, family and so on and so forth.

In the articles written to both Van Wyck and Deidre, the writers have internal conflict on the issues they want to be addressed. In each case the women are in the old state(i.e., “old womanâ€), and they are trying to fight stigma to pave the way for the “new woman†The decisions taken by the writers to look for answers from the people demonstrate how changes in the family life of the modern society have left some people look old fashioned. For example, Van Wyck’s first letter written by M.T. shows that the role of bread-winning should not be left for the husband alone. That is the reason why the writer wants to work and help her spouse.

The backgrounds of these writers are based in the old setting or traditional ways. The writers of the letters have common characteristics which in one way or the other make them share a common background. In particular, each of the writers of the letters is either working or has a work related issue; they are all dealing with a relationship either in it or out of it. Lastly, they face conflict of modernity versus traditions.

Both sets of letters addressed to Van Wyck and Deidre suggest some challenges that the women encounter in the society. The issues addressed in the letters are still very practical and important in the modern world. For instance, the issue of women working is very important as long as the common goal of the family is not looked down upon. Also each partner for those dating should contribute to the expenses incurred if they are capable of doing that. Petting is a big issue that should be addressed carefully in the society. It can be considered as a form of sexual harassment if both parties do not give in to do it.

The responses to the letters by Van Wyck are modern and morally guided. Her advice to the writers on what to do or how to handle the challenge at hand are reasonable and justifiable. In the response to the letter about gold diggers, she says: “For what does it profit a girl if she lose all the real beauty of life and win a fur coat?†Her advice are modern and focused. On the other hand, Deidre leans to the traditional ways. In the first letter, for instance, she does not help the writer but rather disappoints and discourages the latter.

Advice columns letters should address the current issues in the modern society and also give possible ways to go about when faced by certain challenges that bring about internal conflict in any individual.

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