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What is ideal? Why do people seek a single ideal? Born different to be different is one way to define human race. The art of seeking one single ideal by a majority defies the essence of being human. Plastic surgery is the best method to achieve an ideal permanently regardless of repercussions. Surgeries of enhancement, reduction and change in facial structure only to look like the ideal. In this research, I will discuss the natural instinct of a human that ultimately forces them to follow the majority. I will discuss how humans vary in viewpoints yet are psychologically burdened by the rush of following an ideal that defies the essence. I will discuss forms of plastic surgery as well as failures. I will also emphasize on genders and their approach to plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is the top topic of discussion among the experts on beauty. The natural instinct makes people alter their physical appearance to become more confident and boost their self-esteem, resemble the stars and feel superior in front of the crowd. I hold the opinion that plastic surgery is expensive, addictive and risky activity because the side effects on the health are unpredictable. Furthermore, the approach towards the plastic surgery of different genders varies according to their motivation and goals of males and females.

Natural Instinct of People Who are Subject to Plastic Surgery

People who choose to undergo plastic surgery have diverse reasons and motifs of deciding on this activity. First, they are eager to boost their self-esteem and reduce the level of shyness. People, who are shy and timid, usually change their appearance to look prettier and become more confident and self-assured in front of the colleagues, friends, family, and acquaintances (Spar¸ 2016). Secondly, people choose plastic surgery to look like celebrities and their favorite stars. Some people have idols; they follow their lifestyle, the way of dressing and even alter the appearance to resemble them. Moreover, people undergo plastic surgery for the sake of significant other person. Usually, this person considers the person not attractive enough emphasizing some disadvantages in their physical appearance. Finally, vanity drives people’s choice for plastic surgery. The majority of people just boost their superiority and self-esteem to look better and more attractive to others. Consequently, the motifs of people who undergo plastic surgery are different. However, the main motif is the natural instinct to look beautiful, more confident and superior in front of the crowd.

The Variety of Opinions among Humans Concerning Plastic Surgery

People vary in the decision to choose or avoid plastic surgery. In my opinion, plastic surgery is not a good choice for those who want to alter their physical appearance. To start with, plastic surgery is a very expensive option to boost one’s self-esteem and become more confident (BBC, 2016). Moreover, plastic surgery is very risky because the side effects of it as well as of various required medication after it may be detrimental to one’s state of health. The latter may worsen to such an extent that the advantages of plastic surgery are not worth it. Furthermore, people become addicted to plastic surgeries as they know that there is a way to change and improve their physical appearance (BBC, 2016). Finally, the results of plastic surgery may not be satisfactory because the doctors and plastic surgeons cannot fully promise that the results will be the ones the client wants. The client always signs the contract where there is a point about the risks and possible side effects, harm for health after the surgery or some time later, but it does not stop most people choosing plastic surgery.

Forms and Failures of Plastic Surgery

The ear surgery, the forehead lift, the dermabrasion (removal of the top layers of the skin), breast lift, facelift, tummy tucks, liposuction, eyelid surgery, nose reshaping and breast augmentation are the most popular and widely known forms of plastic surgery (CBS News, 2016). The biggest disasters or failures of plastic surgery are the dissatisfaction of the client with the results and the quality of the operation. The qualification of the plastic surgeon is the major problem in this case. One of the failures of the plastic surgery is the opposite effect that the client longed for. For instance, some celebrities instead of looking younger look much older after the unsuccessful plastic surgery. The Botox injections and the multiple facelifts make the face look artificial and without the natural beauty. The contours of the face and the skin do not look natural and in harmony with the rest of the body due to unsuccessful plastic surgery. Therefore, the main failures of the plastic surgery concern the major forms – face, ear, nose correction and liposuction. Thus, the failures are the wrong proportion of the body and face, the unnatural look of the skin and ugly look after the plastic surgery.

Genders and Their Approach to Plastic Surgery

Males and females usually have different opinions concerning plastic surgery. Women tend to be more frequent visitors of a plastic surgeon in comparison with men (Morrissey, 2016). The motifs and the goals of plastic surgery vary between the genders. Men can be subject to all above-mentioned forms of plastic surgery as women. However, the main reason for doing the surgery for men are extreme conditions (for instance, after the accident or trauma) and looking better in the workplace and among the colleagues and friends. Faults in physical appearance in relation to men should not be vague and unclear. Therefore, physical defects or disadvantages should be essential and immense to be worth undergoing plastic surgery.

To summarize, natural instincts that force people to undergo plastic surgery are boosting their self-esteem and confidence, attempting to resemble their favorite stars and celebrities as well as trying to look better and superior in public. The main arguments against plastic surgery are the cost, addictiveness and the risk for health. The forms of plastic surgery comprise different human body organs whereas the failures are the unnatural look of the body and skin as well as the opposite effect of the surgery. The gender approaches to the plastic surgery differ since the motivation and goals are opposite.

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