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One of the things that keep many students in fear are tests in all the difference of their forms.  A regular client of ours one wrote in her feedback ‘I am not sure how your writer does it, cause I stuck with the first answer on my question and spend the rest of the time staring at it’. If you are one of those people who freezes being asked something as simple as ‘answer my question or answer to my question’ is the correct option, you may well need to read this instruction on how to write test questions.

Different Types of Exam Questions

There are several basic types of exam questions that are used in the vast majority of college and university subjects assessments that require some type of knowledge evolution, be it full course or just a separate topic that a professor decides to check.

Multiple-Choice Task

This type of questions requires the correct choice of an answer from the list of 3 to 5 options. Usually, this type covers names, facts, terminology, and definitions, along with concepts and theories. 


How to Answer Multiple-Choice Questions?

First of all, read all the questions without answering any of them. This way you will see if you have any questions that overlap and may require additional attention. Answer the questions you are completely sure about, then move on to the questions you may have doubts about. Eliminate some obviously wrong options. Do not try to re-check your answers and correct them unless you are 100% sure your answer is wrong. Keep track of your time, and if you are running out of it, just guess or leave it out.

Filling the Gaps

While answering such type of questions, students have to either choose one of the suggested options from the list below the exercise or find an appropriate answer on their own. Do not try to overthink or overanalyze this type of questions, as it generally requires basic knowledge of facts and terminology. One of the subjects that exploit this type of questions is English.


Reword or alter the first sentence so that its meaning matches the second sentence given. Look for the synonyms to help you handle this assignment (to use the thesaurus). Make sure to compare the sentence you have written with the sentence given in the question.


Also known as matching means you have to find the second half of the sentence in the second column or match the definitions to the term. Check requirements carefully in order to understand whether only one matching per pair is allowed and whether there are any other requirements. While connecting, pay attention to the details and match the things you are sure about.

True / false task

Read the statement given in the question and decide whether it is correct or inaccurate. If you need to provide exam answers to these questions, make sure that every part of the statement is true, pay attention to absolutes, qualifiers and long part of the statement. If any part of the statement is incorrect, the whole sentence is false.

Open-end questions

Every student answering question of this type shall provide a long answer to a specific question wishing the given word limit. Make sure your answer addresses the notion or fact given in the question properly.

Correct the mistakes

You need to locate and correct the errors you have found in the sentences. Be attentive to these questions and determine whether can you answer this question or it is easier to skip it and return to it later. Do not try to overthink or find something that is not there. Make sure to correct only those things you are completely sure about.

Question and Answer Essay

On some rare occasions, students will be given a short essay as a part of their assignment. Some things you need to know question answer format essay: Your introduction and conclusion should be brief, you are generally allowed to switch places of the questions to make your essay cohesive and make sure you do not duplicate information. While preparing this type of answer, make sure to:

  • read the questions carefully and analyze the expectation of your professor or instructor;
  • brainstorm all the ideas and cross out anything that is less relevant;
  • write down some key points and think of the ways to connect them;
  • place each idea in the separate paragraph, and while writing leave a line or to in case you would like to add something later.

As you can see, question-answer format of assessment is not the hardest one, however, it is the test stress many students struggle with. Pay attention to the way questions are asked, manage your time properly and make sure you return back to the questions you have skipped.

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Question and Answer Examples

  • Question: The formal amendment process is one means by which the Constitution can be changed.  However, other means of constitutional change exist as well.  Write an essay in which you (I) explain the various means of formal change and discuss some of the problems associated with them,; (II) indicate what the formal amendment process has achieved; and (III) discuss some of the other means of constitutional change and how they have been developed.  

There are various ways through which the constitution can be changed.  The formal amendment process is one of them and can be in various ways. It can be done by proposing amendments or ratifying amendments. For a proposed amendment there is a process that is usually followed. The proposed amendment can be either by the congress or by a constitutional convention. The congress will propose the amendment which is in a joint resolution form. The document is taken to the archives and record archivist for publication and processing. The proposals are then forwarded to the states. This is by sending notification letters to the governors with more information regarding the same.

The states can ratify a given amendment by sending the changes to the archivist for transmission to the federal register director. The proposed amendment is adopted when it is accepted by three fourths of all the states. The archivist certifies that the amendment is valid and has become a part of the national constitution. The problem with this process is that it is not easy to get the required quorum to make it a law.

Ratification is another process of amending the constitution. It is however not very common based on several factors. For a ratification to be valid it has to be within reasonable time from the time the proposal was first made. This can be up to a period of seven years. For any ratification to be law it has to be approved by three fourths of state legislators. It must also be approved by three fourths of all the states (Epps, 2008).

The formal amendment process has enabled changes to be made that reflect the desires of the people. Certain laws were made in the past that did not take into account present factors such as technology or modern day crime. Amendments to the laws ensures that such areas are also covered I the constitution and so everybody is protected by the law.

Judicial review is another means by which the constitution can be changed. This came about due to the fact that some areas were not within the law. This left grey areas that were exploited by individuals for personal benefit. The courts, therefore, came up with rulings that set precedents to be used in future cases (Epps, 2008).This can take to be a means of constitutional change. An example is a series of laws related to terrorism acts that were not in place but were necessitated by the situation in the world.

  • Question: How would you account for the fact that throughout most of American history national elections have been characterized by relatively stable two-party competition?  Why haven’t third or minor parties also enjoyed electoral success?  Do minor parties nevertheless at times play an important role in American elections?  Cite relevant examples.

Elections form an important part of any given democracy. They have been part of our history since the inception of the constitution. What makes our elections unique is that our elections are normally a two party affair. This can be due to a number of factors, beginning with our uniqueness as a nation.

Political parties symbolize peoples’ beliefs. A party usually has its own agenda and is made up of people who subscribe to the same agenda. Because of this, a lot of loyalty is put into political parties. In the United States, the Democratic Party and Republican Party are the most predominant parties. Affiliation to these parties is usually based on family ties, economic position and also the region that one was brought up in (Grants, 2012).

Each of these two parties has their own agenda and the people who subscribe to the same beliefs in whichever side number in millions. You are either of one view or the other. As such it will be difficult for someone to come up with a third party that might have a very alternate view and expect to get the same following. These two parties also have substantial financial support that helps them promote their ideals and candidates. This has made them very popular throughout the country (Grants, 2012).

Minor parties on the other hand do not have these minor advantages. They are usually composed of just a bunch of individuals and do not have mass appeal. It is usually seen that they are composed of a bunch of people who want to gain popularity.  They also lack the financial muscle to actively market their candidates during elections.

The importance of minor parties is that they enhance democracy by giving the members an opportunity to express their views on an open platform. They get to air their views and vote for their candidate which is their constitutional right. The Justice party and the American Freedom Movement are an example of parties formed by individuals with a common aim. They, however, do not have nationwide following and are minor parties (Grants, 2012). Given this circumstances, everybody becomes satisfied with the electoral process.

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