Excel Exercises

Calculations in Excel in Academic Fields

We have noticed that a number of academic fields demand calculations in Excel spreadsheets - either as a separate assignment or as a supplementary task (a part of research project). Among such disciplines, one can find Information Systems, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Management, Business, Statistics, Computer Sciences Technology, etc. Apart from the textual analysis, students must be good with figures and equations.

Such assignments usually incorporate statistical analysis, calculations of company’s profit/loss of earnings during a specific time frame, financial report analysis according to the assigned period, creating regression models, etc. We divide such orders into two general segments:

  • Simple Calculations
  • Simple Assignments



  • Complex Calculations


  • One-Page Assignments (e.g. balance sheet)
  • Complex Multi-Page Calculations

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Please be informed that complexity and depth of research in the order type “Excel Exercises” depends on specific professor’s instructions, usage of the specified software, and other factors. Therefore, the order price may be recalculated by members of Writing Department to compensate writer’s work.


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