Formatting in the APA Style

Title Pages, Page Numbers and Running Heads. Every paper should have a title or cover page with the following:

A short version of the essay’s title, in capitals, and flush left, with the words “Running Head:”

The appropriate page number flush right.

Add the essay’s title in full and in the center.

The name of the writer and the name of their college centered underneath the essay’s title and in double-spacing

Each page, including the title or cover page of the essay, the abstract if one is required, and the references section or pages should show the page number in the upper corner to the right-hand side. The short version of the title should appear on every subsequent page, minus the words “Running Head.”

Where tutors do not require a title or cover page, then the writer should just include their own name, their class name, their tutor or instructor’s name and the date in the top left of the first assignment page. All lines should be double-spaced. The title of your paper should appear on the next line, after which your essay can begin.

Using MS Word 2007 to Format a Running Head and Page Numbers

MS word has a Header tool to handle all the above items. You are likely to find it difficult to keep your formatting in order if you choose to type these manually. The following instructions will ensure your header appears differently on the title or cover page than it does on the second page and every page from there on.

  • Find a space close to the top of the first page and double-click on it. The Header toolbar should appear.
  • Look for a box titled ‘Different First Page’ and click on it.
  • Select the ‘Page Numbers’ option and then ‘Top of Page’ followed by ‘Page Number 3.’ This allows you to insert the required page number.
  • Now type “Running Head:” followed by a short version – around two words or three - of your paper’s title in capital letters. Press the tab key as required to move your running head to the page’s left-hand side.
  • Now move your cursor to the second essay page, and place it in the box labelled ‘header.’
  • Now select ‘Page Numbers,’ followed by ‘Top of Page’ and then ‘Page Number 3’ to add the page number.
  • Type your short essay title in capitalized form minus ‘Running Head:’ Press the tab key as required for moving the header to the page’s left-hand side.
  • To close the header toolbar, look for the X (colored red) and click it.    .

Formatting of Pages

  • Recommended font: Use a 12pt Times New Roman font.
  • Recommended margins: One inch on every side with the right margin not aligned. To set or reset margins in MS Word version2007, select the ‘Margins’ option from the ‘Page Layout’ menu.
  • Recommended line spacing: Use double-spacing for your entire paper.
  • Recommended indentation: Half-inch indentation should be used in the first line of every paragraph, which can be achieved by pressing the tab key on the keyboard once.
  • Recommended method for formatting section or paragraph headings: If headings are required by a tutor or instructor, use them to signal new sections in your paper. A large number of papers have Methodologies, Discussion, and Results Sections. It is recommended such headings are centered and typed in bold typeface. All the words in headers should be capitalized except for article words (e.g. the, a, an), conjunction words (but, and, or, and the like), and preposition words (e.g. to, on, in, and so on) unless these words appear first in a heading or sub-heading.

Recommended method for adding references: If you have cited any sources in your paper, add a reference page or pages.

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