Freelance essay writing is seeking freelance essay writing professionalsto join its exceptional team. Our writing service agency provides support and assistance to students in the English-speaking world, relative to academic writing tasks that range from basic essays to dissertations. As such, we maintain a large staff of freelance essay writing experts who possess degrees in all disciplines and who are able to produce top quality, original, and customized academic writing of all varieties.

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Our Clientele

Generally, our customers are undergraduate and graduate students in the U.S., UK, Australia, and Canada, although we do serve secondary school students as well. Their requests include essays, term and research papers, research projects and proposals, case studies, admissions essays, presentations, and any part of or an entire thesis or dissertation. A freelance essay writing professional who works for must be able to conduct high quality research and to meet the general writing style standards of institutions in these countries.

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Much of our work is for Master’s and Ph.D. candidates, therefore, many of the project requests require primary resource material as well original field studies and complete statistical analysis of such studies. In such cases, the freelance essay writing specialist must have a proven record of producing such work.

The Benefits of Freelance Essay Writing for

Our agency is only successful if it maintains high level researchers and writers, and we are committed to great compensation and a work environment that allows our writers to complete their tasks efficiently and successfully. Our freelance essay writing agency provides the following benefits to its professionals:

  • The right to select projects from a large list of available orders. Thus, the writer chooses only orders with which s/he is comfortable, for which s/he has the time, and in which s/he has an interest.
  • Self-determination relative to schedule. Because the order board lists projects and deadline dates, the writer is free to select projects based upon his/her personal schedule
  • Diversity of writing task types. A writer is able to select simple and relatively short projects or more rigorous and complex works, and to vary those selections as s/he wishes.
  • Compensation that is among the best in the industry, and payment that is prompt. Obviously, compensation varies dependent upon the type of project and the academic level of the client; however, our freelance essay writing professionals remain with us because we pay well.

Expectations for our Writers

Obviously, the most critical factor in employment with is one’s ability to produce top quality writing – works that reflect solid organization, fluency, coherency, appropriate referencing and resource citation, and, of course, perfect grammar and mechanics. As well, we expect adherence to the following:

  • Full compliance with the policies and procedures of, as stated in the written agreement to be signed.
  • Complete originality in any work produced for a client. Any discovery of plagiarism immediately terminates the writer’s employment.
  • Willingness to communicate with the client throughout the production process
  • Commitment to comply with every detail of the client’s specifications and instructions relative to a work’s creation

The Application Process

If you are ready to join our team of freelance essay writing professionals, you need to complete and submit the application form. We then evaluate your credentials and specific qualifications as they relate to our needs. Once you receive notification that your experience and background is a match for us, you will be required to submit an original written work, the topic and type of which we will select.

A Final Note takes pride in its responsiveness to both our clients and our writers. Accordingly, we maintain a 24-hour writer support service, so that any writer may contact us with issues, questions, concerns, or need for additional clarification. We are committed to making your job as pleasant and worry-free as possible, whether you are writing a simple essay or producing a complex graduate-level project!

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