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Jeremy writes:

Writing has always been my downfall. I am pretty proficient with speaking my thoughts and ideas and can even press my point well when in an argument. When I try to write essays and papers though I am just not any good. I can’t organize my thoughts and ideas and it just seems like I am spinning my wheels to try to get a full essay or paper completed. The other problem is that if I do manage to get a paper done, it has taken me two or three times as long as everyone else. I was always behind and I knew I had to do something about it.

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I thought about getting help with my essays and other papers but I also heard that going online to find these things could have pretty bad results. I heard that buying papers meant I was buying stuff that had been sold to lots of other students and if I got caught I could be expelled. Then I thought about going through a service so I went on a couple of websites that promised non-plagiarized papers. They wrote worse than me and it was clear to me that they were foreigners who did not know American English at all. And all this time I was getting further behind with two essays and a big paper due. Someone in my dorm mentioned that I could probably get help with my essays and the paper at

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He had been using them for two years and was really happy with what he had received. I gave it a shot and ordered the big paper first, because it was due in two weeks. I got a great paper in 8 days and it included everything I asked for. Since then, I have used for help with my essays, book reviews, responses to assigned readings, and research papers and just about anything else that has to be written in formal English. I am a “happy camper” now!

We have lots of stories similar to Jeremy’s, and you can certainly read some of the testimonials on our site to glean aspects of our service that appeal to all types of students. You may not have time right now, however, because if you are here, you are in need of our professional assistance. Obtaining that assistance is quite direct and simple, if you follow the easy steps outlined below.

  1. Login as a new customer and go to the order page. You will see an easily understandable series of field to complete. Each field is critical, because this is the method by which you provide us all of the details of your need – your topic, academic level, resource requirements, length, formats of the work and the citations, etc. For significantly complex works, you may need to contact our customer service department and speak with an administrator. You must, as well, provide all methods by which we and your writer may contact you.
  2. The next step is to provide your method of payment (credit/debit card, PayPal, E-gold, wire transfer). You will find that our pricing is flexible, based upon the academic level, the complexity of the work, and the urgency of the deadline. This is because we employ writers and researchers of various degree levels, in order to appropriately match our professionals with the type and level of work ordered.
  3. Maintain open lines of communication, so that your writer may always contact you with questions or send you drafts for approval.
  4. You will receive the final draft of your paper, in perfect format, ready to submit.  If, after you have reviewed it, you wish any revisions, these will be completed immediately and until you are completely satisfied.

Like Jeremy, you can say, “I need help with my essays and papers,” and get the quality assistance you deserve.

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