Multiple-Choice Test Questions

How to Prepare Multiple-Choice Tests

There are a lot of teachers and examiners who can relate horror stories about the first time they wrote and corrected multiple-choice exams. Some make the mistake of designing these tests so that students can show their substantive knowledge of their course content. Therefore, they write long, convoluted stems with the option to choose multiple answers or different combinations of answers. This does not work very well and can cause the teacher to spend a lot of time checking answers and figuring out if they are correct.

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Therefore, here are some tips for teachers on how to prepare multiple-choice tests:

  • Do not attempt to complete the whole test in one sitting. If you do this, there is every chance these will be of the standard, pub-quiz type e.g. of the “Columbus’ discovery of the new world” type.
  • Instructions should state whether the answer is to be the “correct” or “best” one.
  • The stem should be written first. Try and develop a stem with just one problem but make sure that the problem concerns an important part of the course content. Use a verb in the question’s stem because this helps convey the problem more clearly.
  • Develop the stem in either a) question or b) incomplete-statement form. Questions are usually preferable to statement-type questions because they are clearer about what is expected of the participating student.
  • Questions or statements should be phrased in a positive manner without any negatives. A question that is worded negatively can challenge even the most intelligent reader and, therefore, can really confuse students who are already stressed out.
  • Once the stem has been crafted, develop the correct answer or the best one. These should be short and clear and no longer than the wrong answers.
  • When this is done, you can develop the wrong answers or ‘distractors.’ Those common errors that students often make are quite believable and make good distractors. It is advisable not to use humor in answer options. Research has shown that this technique does not help students to relax. Furthermore, silly answers are clearly not the correct ones and they leave fewer choices for any student who is unfamiliar with the material.
  • Every word required to answer a multiple-choice question should be included in the question’s stem. Any words and/or phrases that could be included in the stem should not be repeated in distractors.
  • Incorrect answers are more likely to contain such terms as “all,” “always,” or “never,” than correct answers. Students who are accustomed to multiple-choice tests know this and tend to use their knowledge advantageously.
  • Make sure the grammar used in stems and answers is consistent. When an answer is grammatically incorrect, it sounds wrong, and the majority of students will avoid it.
  • Mostly, you should avoid such choices as “all” or “none” from a list of several possible options. If you do use these, use them carefully. If the student’s task is to select the best option, “all” the answers are obviously wrong, and “none” is quite likely to be wrong. Where the task is to choose the correct answer, studies have shown that “all the above” is correct in 25% of cases.
  • A lot of exam experts recommend offering four or maybe five options as answers.
  • When you have completed your test, mark out the correct answers to ensure they are randomly scattered within the full set of options. Students are quick to spot if, for instance, you are prone to using ‘B’ and they apply this knowledge if or when they are not sure of a question’s answer.

Writing Multiple Choice Questions Quiz

Multiple-Choice Test Questions Assistance

Writing multiple-choice questions is one of the most challenging assignments in the academic curriculum of any student. Such an assignment can be given on any discipline or course since it is one of the easiest ways to evaluate the student's knowledge and level of writing proficiency. What is more, this assignment allows the student to consolidate all the skills and competencies acquired throughout the course.

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When it comes to evaluating the student's learning outcomes, it is hard to find a better task that a multiple-choice question quiz. When designing such quizzes, professors want to check the level of students` knowledge within the scope of the specific topic, as well as their ability to think fast. Such an assignment has many advantages compared to other tasks:


A multiple-choice questions quiz can be designed in many ways. In particular, it can be designed in such a way to check the student's level of understanding of the theories and concepts learned in class. Although the student needs to choose one answer from a couple of options provided, questions are often designed in such a way to confuse the student. Only the test-taker, who is aware of all the nuances of the topic can answer all the questions correctly. Since the writer can answer the questions more quickly than writing an essay, multiple-choice questions quiz allows checking the student`s knowledge in a broader way.

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The reliability aspect means that with the help of multiple choice questions quiz, it is possible to receive maximally accurate results. What is more, the reliability of the test is increased if it focuses on the specific research topic. Such an assignment is free from scoring inconsistencies, which may occur in other academic assignments.

As for the main disadvantages of this task, it should be said that it does not allow to check the student's ability to generate insightful and creative ideas.

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How to Write a Multiple Choice Question Quiz?

How to Write a Multiple Choice Question

If you want to find out how to write a multiple-choice question, we have collected a few efficient tips and practices that will help you succeed with this task.

  1. Get prepared for your task.

If you think that you will be able to guess the answers, you are wrong. A good level of preparation will definitely increase your chances of achieving a good outcome. If you know what topic your professor will provide, make sure to study all its aspects. When studying your topic, make sure to make notes about the most significant points of your topic.

  1. When you are ready to pass the test, click the “Start” button.

Read the questions carefully, one by one. Many students fail their tests just because they read their questions inattentively. If you are careless, there is a great possibility that the important aspects of your question will be overlooked. Try to answer the questions you are confident about first of all. Such a strategy will bring you maximum points. Keep in mind that even if the answers look similar, they have something different. Such a difference should allow you to answer this question. Also, very often the question may give you a hint on how it should be answered. As such, it is highly recommended to read questions carefully, twice, or more times.

If you are not sure about the correct answer, try to eliminate options that are definitely wrong. Having only two options left, you will find it easier to recognize the correct answer. As such, it is highly recommended to be very attentive to detail. Keep in mind that some questions may have two or more correct answers. Also, if there are questions that include answers like “all of the above,” “all of the following except for,” or “none of the above,” you need to be very careful when answering them.

  1. Make sure to finish your test in a few minutes until the end of the deadline since it will allow you to have some time for double-checking your answers.

If you are an experienced test-taker having enough theoretical and practical skills, you probably have your own secrets of the successful completion of such a task. However, if you feel that you won't be able to tackle this task successfully, do not give up! After all, you can always turn to our writing service and receive professional writing assistance. Our company is known as a reliable writing provider that can address all the academic problems of despaired students. No matter what subject you want us to cover, we will handle your task successfully.

Buy Multiple Choice Questions Answers

Buy Multiple Choice Questions Answers

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How to Get Multiple Choice Quiz Questions Help?

Multiple Choice Quiz Questions Help

If you are ready to order our multiple choice quiz questions help, you probably want to know everything about the ordering process. The entire procedure is very hassle-free and includes four basic steps. First and foremost, you should clearly explain what kind of assignment you want us to complete. Make sure to provide us with all the questions that need to be answered and set a correct deadline.

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