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You may think that going to a professional paper writing service should be a last resort. We’d like to show you that a reputable paper writing service is just another resource—like the library, or a data base, or a tutor. At we have a staff of professional writers available to help you plan and execute your academic papers with precision and clarity. We know that you have the knowledge to complete the paper on your own, but you may have just cut the timing too close. We can have a high quality paper written to your specifications in as little as 12 hours.

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At, we value our customers above all else. We are very protective of their privacy and keep all transactions completely confidential. We are aware that the academic community, as a whole, frowns on writing services; but we also know that we offer a lifeline. When you have 6 or 7 professors and all of them have assigned papers in addition to the reading, presentations, and homework associated with their classes, you’re in a no-win situation. Without help you could very well drown.

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Spacing Timeframes Currency Total price is a paper writing service noted for its high-quality works. Our writing staff—drawn from the best writers in the US, the UK, and Canada—writes every paper from scratch. They want you to be able to submit the paper you receive from them with complete confidence that it will be 100% original and that it will earn a top grade.

We know that people choose paper writing services when there is no other recourse. It may be that they’ve run out of time, or perhaps writing just isn’t their strong suit. Whatever the reason, is prepared to help you navigate these rough waters. We know the things that cause stress for students, and have a strategy for addressing all of them. Worried about getting a paper in on time? Don’t worry, we always meet your scheduled deadline—in fact our papers are delivered ahead of time so if changes or additions are needed, there is still ample time to make adjustments before the paper is due. Afraid it won’t look like your work? Our writers are able to match their work to your level of study, so any differences will be minimal. Concerned that it won’t be cited or annotated correctly? No worries, you writer will work with you to identify all the requirements set forth by your professor and will format the paper precisely. Terrified that the paper will be plagiarized from the web or some student that took the same class last year? Bite your tongue! Our writers never cut and paste materials from their sources, and they never recycle works from former clients. Your paper will be completely authentic! Whatever your fears, we have you covered, so relax and let us get to work.

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