Plagiarism Types

There are many types of plagiarism. Sometimes plagiarism can appear accidentally while writing but sometimes people may use materials containing plagiarism intentionally. Nowadays plagiarism-detection software is widespread and one can easily check all types of writings using online program or having a desktop application. There are also simple versions of such software which you can either use for free or have a trial period to check if it meets your requirements. Few years ago a research was held to define all possible types of plagiarism. Here is a list of major plagiarism types.

  • Text copied with no source mentioning, quotation and no citation.
  • Source text elements were reordered without citation.
  • Conversation ideas reproduced without citation.
  • Using old material as anew idea.
  • Paraphrasing without citation.
  • Making copies of source text parts without citation
  • Translating materials online without proper citation
  • Not using citation while reproducing facts of common knowledge.

To avoid plagiarism you have to develop your writing skills. Study different citation styles, using of quotes, paraphrasing and using different sources. One can never gain good writing skills without creating own works in as great amount as possible. Being patient, attentive and creative while writing can lead you to creating masterpieces that will be cited by those who are beginners in writing. Work hard and achieve best results.

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