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Writing a research paper isn’t easy. It requires systematic approach. Here are few tips that can help you in creating research paper outlines. Research paper outlines are the broad framework towards drafting a final research paper. If you go wrong in creating research paper outlines then you will go wrong with your research paper. There is no doubt that research paper outlines are required to create well written and cohesive research paper. If you want to learn the art of drafting research papers, please read on

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You must always remember that research paper outlines have to be adhered to throughout the course of the research paper. There are two stages involved in drafting research paper outlines; firstly you must break down the main topic into different sub topics. This is crucial because it helps in maintain a logical flow to the entire research paper. These sub topics are termed as level one topic. Next step involves breaking the level one topic into further sub topics. These sub topics will help you in adding relevant content to your research paper. This is the stage where the scope of your essay is defined.

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If you notice that you have more than three sub topics for each level one topic then you will need to start refining your research paper. You cannot have everything under the sun as a part of your research paper. Stick to main points only. Once you have finalized the draft of your research paper, you can start working on it. Now is the time for the second stage of creating the research paper outline. Once you have finalized the draft and added relevant content to your level one topic and sub topics, you will need to review it. Generally when you review your draft, you will realize that you have stuffed too much information or your research paper is lacking meat. In either case you will need to edit the research paper till you are satisfied with the content that is there in it. You may require two or three revisions before you finalize your research paper.

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