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Multiple Choice Tests Sample (My Last Duchess by Robert Browning)

  1. The word "favor" in line 25 means: a-A gift, probably jewelry
  2. "Officious" in line 27 most nearly means? d-Interfering with needless help or services
  3. "Munificence" in line 49 means b-Wealth, d-Generosity with money
  4. In line 19 "stuff" means b-Complimentary banter
  5. The white mule in line 28 e-Was likely the gift of someone who seduced her
  6. Lines 5-13 deal with, among other things, the reactions of strangers who see the image of the Duke's last duchess.  The speaker means to imply in lines 5-13 that the "depth and passion of its earnest glance" came there c-Because a skillful painter put them there
  7. Lines 34 to 35 imply a-The speaker thinks it beneath him to talk to her about what bothers him about her behavior
  8. Lines 39 to 41 c-Imply that she might not sit silently under his rebukes
  9. Which of the following statements is least untrue? d-No one has ever seen this painting before except the Duke
  10. The tone in lines 42 and 43 is most likely c-Arrogant
  11. When he says in line 45 "I gave commands," the speaker b-Accidentally reveals that he had a hand in his wife's death
  12. The speaker d-Feels no deep sorrow over his lovely wife's death
  13. The duke calls "that piece a wonder, now" in line  a-Because this duchess is now reduced to a beautiful possession
  14. The speaker thinks e-A wife of his ought to be entirely subservient to his will
  15. The speaker is e-Mainly hoping to squeeze a larger dowry out of his next father-in-law
  16. Which of these is least untrue? c-The duke believes his wife was an adulteress
  17. Browning has the speaker mention Neptune at the end of the poem b-Because the author wants readers to think the duke is more interested in possessing beautiful things than in finding a soul mate to marry
  18. In lines 21-24, the speaker a-Is addressing someone who is sitting
  19. Which is the most likely claim, given the evidence of the text?  The duchess was a-An unfaithful wife
  20. Browning's poem is most centrally concerned with e-The destructive power of possessive love
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