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At, we support only a single mission – to provide the highest quality writing services to all clients who seek our assistance with their academic writing needs.  Whether you are a high school student with a basic 5-paragraph essay due tomorrow or a doctoral candidate struggling with your dissertation, we provide the highest quality of research, writing and editing that you will find anywhere.  Each client is a unique individual with unique needs, and each work created by us is customized and guaranteed to be original, written only when it is ordered.  

In order to meet the needs of our clients, we have assembled the finest team of researchers, writers, and editors in the world.  They are all native English speaking professionals who possess degrees from Bachelor’s through Ph.D.’s in every specific content area.  They write as their only profession, and they write only for us.  In this way, we can ensure that the perfect team of professionals will be ready and willing to work as quickly and as productively as possible, in order to meet demands and deadlines of each and every client.  We pay our professionals well, and they remain with us for years.  Our rigorous selection process guarantees that we maintain only the best academicians for the work we produce.

We provide guarantees to each client – guarantees that most other services cannot provide:

  • Each work created is completely original, written as it is ordered and according to the smallest detail of client specification.
  • Only the most current and relevant resources are used for works requiring research.  These resources will be of an academic level that. meets the academic level or the ordered work.
  • We provide our clients with a plagiarism report to back up our originality guarantee (it can be sent by a support agent on request). 
  • We meet any deadline given.
  • Every piece is fully edited upon completion and is not delivered to a client until we are certain that it is perfectly written.
  • We have an encrypted system that maintains confidentiality for each customer, and a fully secure payment method.

If you want the highest quality, the finest service, guaranteed results, and complete confidentiality, you need

You will find no lack of writing agencies marketing their services and making promises to potential customers.  Unfortunately, most are clearly inferior services, often operated in non-English speaking countries and staffed by individuals who themselves have less than competent command of English, not to mention the formal use of the language required for academic writing.  True quality cannot be produced  by these individuals, and they must therefore seek out databases of existing works, compiling parts of them into an ultimately disjointed, thoroughly inferior work that will be discovered to be plagiarized by simple detection programs used by most academic institutions. 


You can protect yourself by several means:

  • Do not use a service that does not allow actual conversation with them and several methods of communication.
  • Do not use a service that does not have a physical address in an English speaking country.
  • Do not use a service that does not allow communication between client and the professional(s) working for him or her.
  • Beware of services whose prices seem too good to be true – they are!

We know what teachers and professors expect when they give assignments.  We know what graduate level works must contain and how they must be written; we understand the needs of undergraduate students as they face essays, analyses, research papers and all other types of written assignments.  No matter what type of assignment you have right now, we can help you!

Urgent Deadlines are a Problem for You – They are not for Us!

Students are busy people.  Most try to find the appropriate balance between coursework, jobs, and activities; many have families as well.  Then there is the need for some respite, of course – some time for social fun, for leisure, for kicking back and relieving oneself of the stress of it all.  It is natural then, as you juggle several balls, your time for each responsibility is tightly scheduled.  When a major written work presents itself, you have to add another ball to those you are already juggling, and, sometimes, all of the balls fall!  That’s when you call upon us, no matter how much you have procrastinated, no matter how urgent the deadline now is.

You may think your situation is hopeless, but it is not.  We have teams of writers ready to go to work for you.  They can work 24 hours a day in order to produce your order, dividing up the facets of the work among themselves, and each working steadily until the product is finished!  You do not have this kind of time – our professionals do!  And this is why we pay them well, and this is why a truly urgent deadline costs more!  But, we do get it done, and we get it done with style and finesse!  It will be the quality that is expected of all of our writers, and you will receive a piece that you can proudly turn in.  Our pros will catch up on their sleep while you go on with your busy life!

A Review of Our Services

We want you to understand that no matter where you are in your academic career, no matter what type of writing you need, we have the people to produce what you need.  Our services encompass every type of writing you may be assigned:

Basic Essays:  If you are a high school student or an undergraduate in an English comp course, you can trust that we will assign the perfect writer for your need.  Essays are not the most difficult type of assignment but neither are they easy for everyone.  You can trust us to create pieces that will get you great grades!

Term/Research Papers:  Again, these can be more simple informational works or complex graduate study pieces.  No matter what the level and no matter what the topic, we have the writing team to get it done!

Analyses:  Whether you are asked to analyze a piece of literature or an essay written by an obscure philosopher, we are capable and stand ready to take the challenge!  Turn your assignment over to our experts and get the results you expect!

Book Reviews:  The books that students are required to read vary in complexity, but, whatever the book, you can count on us to find a writer who has read the work and who can provide an impeccable review for you.

Research Proposals:  Primarily at the graduate level, these can be difficult and complex pieces to create.  We have Ph.D. pros who can do these quickly and professionally.  You provide the details, we provide the perfect product!

Speeches and Presentations:  Not as common but still frequently assigned, these can be truly difficult for students at all level.  Give us your topic and your specified approach, and you will receive a quality piece.

Theses and Dissertations:  As culminating projects for Master’s and Ph.D. degrees, these highly complex and critical works require specialized expertise.  We have researchers, writers and editors who all possess Ph.D. degrees themselves, in all subject areas, to produce any part or all of your work.  Contact our customer service department to discuss you needs in this area.

 College Admissions Essays:  Whether you are a candidate for undergraduate or graduate admissions, you will need to write a minimum of one, usually two or three, essays on specifically assigned topics.  You need only provide the details of topic and other requirements, and we have the pros who can get to work on them immediately!

Other Written Assignments:  You may be asked to write short or lengthy responses to content that is covered in courses you take.  We stand ready to provide rapid turnaround pieces that will satisfy even the most discerning instructors.

Whatever your need, whatever your deadline, whatever your specific requirements, we have the team of staff members ready and willing to attack your project.  Contact us now with your assigned project.  Each client is treated with respect and dignity, as our remarkable staff works to exceed your expectations!  You will never be sorry that you looked to for your writing assistance!

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