Tips for Rewriting a Text


If a student can find an essay or any other document online, it is most likely; their tutors can find the same document(s). If or when someone wants to hand in a written piece that is not their own original work, they will need to completely rewrite that text. However, a badly rewritten text can lead to accusations of plagiarism, so during the rewriting process it is important to pay careful attention to every detail.

Start the Process with the Paragraphs

The first thing the student should do is focus on altering the order in which the paragraphs are written. There are certain paragraphs that will need to be left in a particular place to accommodate the flow of an argument. However, the order of other essay paragraphs can be switched around. This will cause the overall appearance to look different to whoever is reading it. Additionally, the act of switching paragraphs around allows the student to add one or more new paragraphs or delete any that are not relevant or required. This approach also helps change the appearance of the original paper.

Think about Quotations

Your tutor might feel suspicious if each quotation in your paper is the exact same as the ones in the text you found online. You could try and find different quotations for your particular paper. Alternatively, you could make quotations shorter so that they look different.

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Focus Next on Sentences

Keep a thesaurus to hand when completing this stage. It is essential that any replacement words you use are actually correct. It is best to begin by swapping adjectives, adverbs, nouns and verbs. The order of each sentence can also be switched around. For instance, you could change this sentence, “the rabbits were kept content eating carrots” to “eating carrots kept the rabbits content.” If it is not possible to replace a noun, you could try and use a pronoun in its place.

Bibliography Changes

Where a paper has any referenced data or quotes, these should be shown in the paper’s bibliography. Where a source does not appear in the text the student is rewriting, it should be deleted from the bibliography. If a bibliography needs padding out, the student can take references from various textbooks or some material from their class. Additionally, they can quickly search through their library’s database and make a note of any bibliography-type information that seems appropriate.

Read Back Through Your Rewritten Text

When you have changed paragraphs, sentences and grammar around, there is a possibility your rewritten text will end up not making sense. Therefore, you should go back and read through the words to be certain they will sound logical to your readers. After that, you should test your work for plagiarism using a reliable detection system to ensure there is no chance you will be accused of plagiarizing someone else’s work.

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