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Here is a question that writers often ask:  Can the ‘Document Format’ feature be set up for both one and several documents to avoid having to keep selecting the same options every single time? If, for instance, a student always uses double rather than single spacing or does not want paragraph separation in their documents, it would be useful if there were a means of permanently changing the font type, tabs, and other related settings. 

The solution to this is to create a ‘Format Template’ using the ‘Format Wizard’ where you can store your formatting choices e.g. any particular line spacing, fonts and other features you regularly use. Once you have created your template, you can use it in the Document Format (Single or Multiple-File) tool when you want to simultaneously apply your preferences to a number of different sections.

First Part – How to Create a Format Template

If it is the case you use the same formatting options in the majority of your work, the process can be simplified if you use MasterWorks. First, though, you will need to select your preferred settings and save them.

  1. From within ‘MasterSpec,’ choose ‘MasterWorks.’
  2. The tool bar has an option called ‘Wizards.’ Click this.
  3. Now choose ‘Format Wizard.’
  4. Select ‘Create a New Template.’ Name your template and select the OK option.
  5. Go through your template and choose any changes you would like to make to:
  • The font style for your document;
  • The font style for your headers and footers;
  • The layout of your document;
  • The layout of your headers and footers;
  • And so on – just continue through the remaining steps of which there are nineteen in total.
  • When you reach the end, a dialog box showing your format changes will be visible. Once you are happy with your choices, select OK.

By now, your template should be saved and you can use it in the future to automatically format any documents you are working on.

Second Part: How to Use the Document Formatting Tool

When you have created your Format Template, you can use it with the Document Format and Multi-File tool and apply your settings to a number of sections simultaneously. 

NB: A format template can be applied in several ways. You will have the option of using the Multi-File, Single-File or Format Wizard features. The example below uses the Multi-File option:

  1. From within ‘MasterSpec,’ choose ‘MasterWorks.’
  2. The tool bar will display the ‘Multi-File’ option. Click this.
  3. Choose the document or documents you wish to format.
  4. On the right-hand side, you will see the ‘Document Format’ option. Select this.
  5. Now, from the left-hand side, choose ‘Format Templates.’
  6. Choose ‘Existing Custom Format Template’ by moving the radio button to this option.
  7.  Browse through your files and select the one(s) you created using the ‘Format Wizard’ tool.
  8. Select ‘OK’ to apply the settings to the document(s) you chose in the ‘Multi-File’ dialog box.

You can now congratulate yourself! The formats you selected and set have been applied to your document(s)! 

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