Writing various types of papers is a rather complicated and time-consuming task. From time to time you may face writing troubles that need urgent resolving. In this case, you are welcome to use custom writing services, provided by EssaysWriters.com. Here you can find assistance with any subject and any academic level. Moreover, our writers are always ready to deal even with the most complicated tasks and the tightest deadlines. If you face some troubles while using our writing services, please look through this helpful article and get answers to all of the questions that may arise. You are also free to contact our professional customer support team available 24/7.

Type of Assignment Guide


An essay is a short piece of writing covering a particular topic. There are different types of essays: expository, argumentative, compare and contrast, informative, and others.

According to the policy of our company, a common essay can be 19 pages long, double-spaced, or 9 pages long single-spaced. If you want to order a paper including more pages, you should choose another kind of assignment, e.g., term paper, research proposal, thesis, etc.

The main structural elements of an essay are the following:

  • Title page (free)
  • Introduction including a thesis statement
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography page (free)

Term Papers

On completion of a certain course, students need to produce a term paper in order to demonstrate their knowledge in a particular field of study. It is necessary to distinguish between a term paper and a research paper. When writing the former, it is not mandatory to research the topic extensively. Note that the main idea of a term paper has to be clearly highlighted at the end of the introduction.

Research Paper Writing

It is no secret that writing a top-quality research paper takes much time. When producing your academic work, you need to use only authoritative sources, as they contain accurate information about the subject you are exploring. The collected data have to be analyzed in detail. Only in this case, you will be able to create reasonable work. Remember that the statements you make should be supported by powerful arguments. In addition, you need both, to examine the findings of previously done research and present the results you have obtained by exploring the topic on your own.

A common research paper includes the following items:

  • Title page (free of charge)
  • Introductory section
  • Literature review
  • Research methods
  • Analysis section
  • Research findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References (free).

One should know that not each research paper consists of the elements mentioned above. It is of great importance to follow the professor’s instructions when producing your piece of writing. As a result, you will create well-structured academic work meeting the imposed requirements.

Main Peculiarities of Book Report Writing

Creating a book report means making a detailed analysis of a particular book. Though book reports and book reviews have similar features, they still differ from each other. A book report makes a summary of a book, while a book review is focused on providing readers with information about the plot and characters of the examined book.

Producing a Book/Movie Review

You need to remember that this type of work is not a summary. Its aim is to critically analyze a specific book or movie. If you apply your knowledge and writing skills, you will manage to create a fascinating book or movie review.

A book/movie review consists of the items mentioned below:

  • Title of the book and its author (movie director and actors)
  • A concise summary of the plot (present the main idea)
  • Body section (tell readers whether the discussed book or movie is worth their attention)

Coursework Writing

This academic work is written at the end of the semester. Such an assignment helps professors test students’ knowledge. When producing coursework, students need to show they know how to investigate a particular issue and provide their views about it. Bear in mind that the term “coursework” is used to denote different types of academic papers, i.e. research papers, essays, etc.

Research Proposal Structure

The main structural components of a research proposal are a Title page (at no cost), Abstract (free), Table of Contents (free-of-charge), Chapter I. Introduction, Chapter II. Literature Review, Concise Analysis of the Chief Points, Chapter III, Description of the Applied Research Techniques, Bibliography (at no cost), and Appendices.

The format of a research proposal is similar to that of a dissertation. Nevertheless, there is some difference in the writing style. Mind that it is necessary to describe the methods used for creating a research proposal in the future tense, as your work is not finished yet. On the contrary, the purpose of preparing your piece of writing should be introduced in the present tense. After the investigation is completed, it should be presented in the past tense.

Creating an Annotated Bibliography

The sources which you have referred to when writing your paper should be presented on the bibliography page. Depending on the formatting style, a “Bibliography page” can be called “References” or “Works Cited.” A bibliography should include the following details: author, book title, publishing date, and others.

An annotation is a concise summary of the book’s content. Therefore, an annotated bibliography is a succinct piece of writing briefly describing the sources used for preparing academic work. An annotation may have an analyzing or summarizing character. It depends on the kind of your paper.

Online Tests

One should calculate such tests according to the number of questions (5) per page or words (300) for quizzes. If you deal with multiple-choice or true/false questions, you should stick to this rule. For example, you need to place a 3-page order if your task comprises 15 questions.

When dealing with online tests, students may need to type in the answers. Therefore, you need to state the number of words each answer should contain. In this case, you will know how many pages to order. If your test includes 20 questions each of which should be answered in 45 words, you need to place a 3-page order (according to the aforementioned rule).

Questions-Answers Assignments

Kinds of Tasks

  1. Filling the blanks: Write complete sentences.
  2. Matching: Match the opposite words.
  3. Multiple-choice questions: Choose a proper word to complete a sentence.
  4. True/false questions: Select the correct item.
  5. Close questions: Provide concise answers to questions.
  6. Transformations: Alter the meaning of the first sentence so that it is the same as that of the second one.
  7. Correct errors: Correct the identified mistakes.
  8. Cloze tests: Complete a paper by filling in the gaps.
  9. Open questions: Write detailed answers to the questions.

Multiple-Choice Questions

Pages are calculated in accordance with the “5 questions per page” regulation.

Producing a Thesis/Dissertation

Fundamental structural elements of a thesis/dissertation are the following: Title page (at no cost), Acknowledgments (free-of-charge), Table of Contents (at no cost), Charts/figures (free), Abstract (at no cost), Introduction, Literature Review, employed Techniques, Results, Conclusion, References (free), Appendices (at no cost), Index/Glossary (free).

Provide the writer with clear instructions to get good work. Depending on your specifications, some paper parts may be included/excluded.

Editing/ Proofreading Services

When proofreading/editing papers, we:

  1. Correct errors;
  2. Make a correct format;
  3. Construct sentences correctly.

While editing, the editor minds:

  1. Footnotes/endnotes
  2. Punctuation, grammar
  3. Formatting and citations
  4. Abbreviations, acronyms
  5. Arranging diagrams, charts
  6. Redundancy
  7. Terms, italics
  8. Numbered lists, outlines
  9. Organizing tables
  10. Wording issues
  11. Passive voice usage
  12. Cross-references
  13. Headings
  14. Sexist language
  15.  Sentence structure
  16. Transitions
  17.  Writing style
  18. Assignment structure
  19. Correspondence between the data presented in the tables and that describing tables
  20. Title/reference pages
  21. Contents
  22. Spacing, typos, split words
  23. Footers, running heads
  24. Margins
  25. Number of pages
  26. Incorrectly used words

This service includes neither writing some papers sections nor doing research.

Rewriting Tasks

When doing rewriting, our writers perform the following actions:

  • Rephrase the entire text or only some of its parts. Depending on the customer’s guidelines, our experts may also present new facts about the analyzed issue.
  • Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.
  • Check whether the sentences are composed in the right way.
  • Make sure that the paper is formatted according to the rules.

Online Formatting Services

Our specialists always make sure that the paper they are dealing with is formatted in accordance with the rules of the selected formatting style, i.e. MLA, Turabian, APA, Chicago, etc.). Please keep in mind that no grammatical errors are corrected when formatting papers.

Excel Tasks

Doing excel exercises involves making different calculations, solving mathematical equations, etc. Note that depending on the complexity of instructions, you may be requested to make an additional payment for the order of such type.

PowerPoint Presentations

The price for the PPT order is based on the number of slides. If you need speaker notes, you should indicate it in the order form. Usually, there are around 100-150 words of speaker notes below each slide.

Writing a Case Study Analysis Paper

When writing this paper, you need to examine a certain issue and its possible solutions. Then select the most suitable way out of the analyzed situation. Do not forget to present irrefutable evidence to back up your opinion.

This type of paper includes the following items:

  • Introduction
  • Basic data
  • Variety of choices
  • Sound arguments
  • Thorough analysis
  • Sharing personal experience
  • Suggestions

Writing Drafts

Feel free to order a draft to make sure the writer sticks to the order guidelines. A draft is usually a page in length. You will get it after the expiration of 50% of the deadline.

Creating a Summary

You may order a summary of your work and ask it to be delivered with your assignment. A summary is a page long and goes as a separate document.

Consult Our Straightforward Order Form Manual

Ordering papers is easy with our company. We have created an easy-to-use order form. When filling it in, you need to provide detailed instructions about your order. Thus, our writer will be able to produce a top-notch paper meeting your specifications. After all the fields of the order form are completed, you can press the “Order now” tab. Then, the system will redirect you to the order page.

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Personal Information

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After that, you need to select the assignment type, writer’s level, and deadline. Depending on the writer’s level, you may see what options are available to you. Then, choose the number of pages, spacing, and currency. Please remember that a page is double-spaced and includes 300 words. However, if you need a single-spaced paper (600 words per page), you may choose such an option too. Note that our company provides the reference and title pages free of charge.

Type Of Assignment

You may also order a 1-page summary of your work. It will present the chief point of your paper and illustrate its key aspects. Moreover, you can get a draft of your paper. It is completed when 50% of the indicated time frame has passed. Your draft will describe the fundamental points of your order. Then, select the number of sources, reference style, and language. Please note that selecting a writer option means adding 5% to the order price. Under the mentioned field, you will see the cost of your order without a discount.

Basic Paper information

Afterwards, fill in the “Instructions” section. Attach course material if there is any. Additionally, decide whether you want to receive night emails and calls in case of an emergent situation, and choose the respected option.


If you have a discount code, enter it in the corresponding field. If you place an additional order, place the ID of a previous order in the blank space. Your assignment will be completed by the same expert.

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