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Progressive Delivery

If customers want their orders delivered by the progressive method – i.e. in individual sections – is more than willing to accommodate such requests. This option is versatile and it is a good way of making more challenging and bulkier assignments easier to check and manage. Usually, this delivery option suits anyone who is writing, for example, assignments with more than 20 pages or perhaps 10+ where these are in single line spacing rather than in double spacing where the size would increase to possibly 20+ pages.

The Benefits of Getting Assignments in Sections/Parts

  • Since progressive delivery usually involves sending a customer’s order(s) in separate or individual sections when each part/section is complete, the process of tracking progress and managing these orders becomes relatively easy. This method additionally gives the customer adequate time to double-check the delivered products – and ask for corrections or give approval – before they finally have to be handed in.
  • Customers of may be sure their assignments will be accurately written by an experienced writer and scrupulously proofread/edited by a conscientious editor.
  • This method gives 30 days for the customer to ask to have their papers corrected, – free revisions is a service our company offers to every customer. However, in normal circumstances, 2 days is the standard cut-off time for free revisions).
  • When an order is received by our company, we identify a suitably-qualified manager to monitor end-to-end progress of that order. This manager is carefully-selected and they are responsible for personally managing the entire writing process – from making sure that effective and appropriate customer/writer communication methods are in place to double-checking the quality of completed orders and verifying customer satisfaction.

The process for completing and delivering orders*: 

  • Let us suppose that 4 days or less is the completion time agreed between the customer and This means the customer would receive 25% of their paper when 50% of expired completion time is registered on the deadline clock. Example: Order volume = 20 pages and agreed completion time = 2 days. This means that when 1 day passes, the customer would receive 5 pages of draft from
  • Suppose that 5 to 11 days is the completion time agreed between the customer and Here, the customer would respectively receive 25% and 50% of their paper when (respectively) 25% and 50% of expired completion time is registered on the deadline clock.
  • Let us suppose that at least 12 days (or possibly more) is the completion time agreed between the customer and Here, the customer would respectively receive 25%, 50% and 75% of their paper when (respectively) 25%, 50%, and 75% of expired completion time is registered on the deadline clock.

There is a small additional fee for this service – +15% – add this to the price of an order delivered in the standard way. 

* Should any customer find that receiving their paper by this method does not entirely suit them, they are advised to get in touch with their order manager to discuss alternative arrangements. Our representatives and managers are always pleased to assist and to help devise a satisfactory method for delivering the customer’s order.  

Additional Services to Accommodate Smaller Orders

The following services are mostly suitable for orders that are less than 20 pages: 


We recommend this option to anyone who has been asked by a tutor/course supervisor to provide reports/updates at various stages on a project or assignment they are working on. Aside from this, virtually any customer can request a brief (1-page) summary of a given paper. All important information/main points from a full text will be concisely summarized in this short synopsis.


The provision of draft papers is another service provided by If you request a draft, we can provide this once 50% of the agreed completion time is reached or passed. The types of drafts available are:

  • If you ask for double line spacing, your draft will comprise of 300 words
  • If you ask for single line spacing, your draft will comprise of 600 words.

Extended Revisions

Requesting an “extended revision” from entitles you to (up to) 14 days to avail of the no-cost revisions our company offers to every customer. However, the standard timeframe allowed for these requests is 2 days (48 hours). Hence, an extension gives you considerably more time.

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Verified customer
September 3, 2023
Your writers are masters at time management.

I turned in an order for four very difficult papers, and they were all written perfectly, even with the short deadline notice. Thanks,!

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Verified customer
June 15, 2023
Moderm model of scientific writing

Meaningful, cognitive and of course motivational. An important aspect of the professionalization of activity is experience supplemented with new knowledge.

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Verified customer
September 14, 2023

I have been cooperating with this company and writers for a year when I didn’t have enough time to cope with all my home assignments and they really helped me. I like the quality and the ability of true professionals to write a paper perfectly in short terms.

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