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Peculiarities of Laboratory Reports

Laboratory reports form an indispensable part of the science-related courses and make a great impact on the final grade. Some professors want their students to include a lab report in a special lab notebook, while others want it to be arranged as a separate writing project. If you are given detailed instructions as to how to write and format your laboratory report, you should follow them precisely. If not, we will explain to you how to write your laboratory properly and what organizational mode to apply.

Defining a Laboratory Report

It is clear that before starting writing any paper, it is necessary to know what it is. Thus, a lab report is a piece of writing highlighting the peculiarities of a particular experiment, providing explanations about what has been learned, and interpreting the obtained results.

Before highlighting the key structural components of a lab report, it is necessary to mention the so-called “IMRaD” format. This is the model that includes four chief structural components as an introduction, methods, results, and discussion. This format is usually applied to the laboratory reports and some papers written in social, natural, computer, and engineering sciences.

Structural Components of Laboratory Reports

Lab Report Essentials

Title Page

This is not an obligatory item. However, if it is demanded by the instructions, you should create the one containing the following data:

  1. The title of your experiment.
  2. Names, both yours and those of your partners, if any.
  3. Your professor’s name.
  4. The date when the experiment was conducted or that when the report was handed in.


It has to be concise (no more than ten words) and present the essence of the experiment. Note that it is good to begin the title with a keyword and not an article.

Introductory Section or Purpose

An introductory part usually consists of one paragraph presenting both the purpose and objective of the report. Some students make a great mistake thinking that the purpose of a lab report is the same as the hypothesis. The former is much broader and is focused on what you anticipate getting when conducting an experiment.

As to the latter, it has to be created in one sentence. It is advised to produce the so-called working hypothesis before conducting your experiment. Then, you may improve it while doing the experiment. When writing a hypothesis, avoid making complex constructions. It has to be clear.

Note that an introduction may provide some basic data about the experiment, briefly describe the process of conducting it, highlight the findings and illustrate the conclusion. In case you do not have to include the mentioned information, such an element as the purpose of your report must be presented. Finally, in your introduction, you need to state how your investigation can help solve the addressed issue.


In this section, you are supposed to tell what tools or equipment you need to perform an experiment.

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In this part of your report, you need to describe how you conducted your research. You have to provide information about the used research methods, samples, population, and tools. Strive to be thorough when writing this section so that those reading it could do the same experiment. To make things clear, you may draw a diagram presenting the way your experiment was arranged. In this part, you may use subheadings created in the past tense and passive voice constructions.


The numerical data obtained after doing an experiment should be presented in a table. In this section, you are required to impart facts without any explanations.


Here, you need to explain what the obtain data means. Note that this part is usually produced in the past tense. The available tables and figures should have their own numbers and labels. As to the captions, they have to be written above the tables and below the figures.


In this section of your lab report, you need to interpret the data obtained after conducting your experiment and state whether it supports or denies your hypothesis. Additionally, you are supposed to discuss the errors which you may have made while performing your experiment. You may also put forward some recommendations concerning the improvement of the study.


Usually, this section consists of one paragraph summarizing the key points of the experiment and stating what the approval or rejection of the hypothesis means.

Graphs and Figures

These items should be marked with descriptive headings. The axes on a graph have to be labeled as well. Do not forget to refer to graphs and figures throughout your report.


If your report is based on someone else’s research project or includes the citations taken from other author’s work, ensure to list the used sources on the reference page.

Abstract – the Section Outlining the Entire Research

It has to be provided at the beginning of your report. However, you should produce it after the previously described sections are ready. The main function of an abstract is to briefly describe the entire laboratory report. It has to include a couple of sentences presenting the purpose of your report, its importance, the used methods, findings, and the way they can be applied in real life.

Tips for Writing a Lab Report

Common Problems in IMRaD Drafts

If you want to succeed in lab report writing and want to deliver an effective and high-quality paper, you should certainly be aware of some tips and guidelines that will help you master the assignment. It is essential to know the underlying stages of conducting experiments. Focus on the following:

  1. What are you going to do in the experiment?

  2. What is the reason for conducting it?

  3. What do you expect to achieve/ what result do you expect to derive in the end?

  4. How will it be significant? Or how will others benefit from it?

After you answer all of the abovementioned questions, you will better understand the essence of your experiment and why it is worth carrying out. If you find yourself at a dead-end responding to some questions, keep in mind that it would be better to consult with your professor or ask for some assistance from experts. 

How to Plan the Experiment?

  1. Outline and discuss all stages of conducting an experiment. 

  2. Come up with the most appropriate and effective way of collecting and arranging data. Think of ways of presenting the findings visually.

  3. Think of ways of recording data in the process of obtaining it. 

  4. Be careful with the steps of your experiment. You will need to discuss all the possible differences or contradictions with similar findings. 

  5. After the experiment, try to synthesize the data and specify whether the hypothesis was proved or not. 

  6. Provide all the necessary explanations to your target audience. Make sure that no confusing things are left. At the same time, do not focus on unimportant details. 

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