Case Studies Can Be Daunting and Time Consuming!

Case studies are typically assigned as projects for student in undergraduate and graduate programs and are designed to give the student experience in original research on a small scale.  If, for example, you are a graduate student in education, focusing on the problems of schools in urban poor neighborhoods, you might decide to complete a case study on a student or a school that is achieving, in spite of the statistical odds against that achievement.  You will then need to follow a number of in-depth steps in order to complete this in an academically-sound manner.

First, you must conduct a great deal of research already completed relative to the subject(s) of your study.  You must summarize this research in a coordinated, sequential and coherent manner, so that the reader understands the problem and the work of others relative to this problem.

Second, you develop a problem statement or a question that you intend to answer as a result of your case study.  This explanation will include specific detail regarding the subject(s), your methodology for study, and a projection of the conclusions that you will attempt to reach.

Third, based upon your research design, you will actually conduct the study, maintaining detailed and accurate data and information.

Fourth, you will need to produce an in-depth description of all facets of your study, compiling data in an organized fashion, analyzing the data you have gathered and drawing logical and appropriate conclusions.

Fifth, you will need to provide an exemplary conclusion section, summarizing your findings, persuasively providing your solutions and recommendations based upon you’re your study.

Most institutions/professors require an abstract to be written, and this is best produced after you have completed the entire project. 

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